Are The Red Sox Hearing Footsteps?

Justin GreenContributor IJanuary 15, 2009

For once, I am really glad that the Boston Red Sox got their man. 

The New York Yankees are understandably gun-shy when it comes to adding aged talent to their team.  In an recent article by Rob Abruzzese, it was brought to my attention that the Yankees were out-bid on John Smoltz. 

Thank goodness—The Yankees are finally learning. 

The last thing they need in their rotation is an aged fireballer that can't cut the mustard.  They traded away great prospects for Randy Johnson, they gave up ridiculous amounts of money for Kevin Brown, and  even traded for Al Leiter at the end of his career.  They got burned on all three deals and they put the Yankees deeper into a hole.

The Red Sox signed 41-year-old Smoltz. He is injury prone and recovering. Down the stretch, he won't matter. 

The Red Sox signed Brad Penny, he is an aged, recovering pitcher, as well. He won 16 games two years in a row, and after one injury-filled season, the Dodgers washed their hands of him.
I think they know something the Red Sox don't.

The Red Sox signed Takashi Saito, injured and 38-years-old! Granted, if he shows up then their bullpen has a really good replacement for Timlin but, recovering 38-year-olds rarely emerge the same.

They signed the ailing Rocco Baldelli, who has played in 63 games in two years. He can't go everyday, or even every other day, and his stats aren't that great.

Sealing up Kevin Youkilis and Dustin Pedroia was a great idea, and they got them cheap.

However, the Red Sox just don't scare me anymore without Manny Ramirez, and with David Ortiz turning into a shadow of his once-great self.

Mike Lowell's best years are behind him, and so are JD Drew's and Mark Kotsay's.  Jacoby Ellsbury showed his difficulty developing last year, often losing his spot to the abysmal Coco Crisp. There are a lot of holes in their once daunting offense.

The Yankees have, for once, breathing room in their rotation.  A solid 1-4 in their rotation is something the Yankees haven't had since 2004. 

They have young talent developing in the rotation and the field.  If anything, I think that the Red Sox are signing these patchwork players because they are hearing the footsteps of the Yankees coming, and are scared that the reality of the AL East is that the Yankees are still the Alpha Dog and the Red Sox were just renting the spotlight for a few years.