Jeff Hardy Does Not Need a Title

adam smereckiCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2009

OK we get it.

Jeff Hardy is popular with younger fans, he is a "daredevil", and he looks cool. Does that mean he should be WWE Champion? I say no.

Jeff Hardy is talented and he has a style that cannot be duplicated, but that does not qualify him to be the face of SmackDown. If anything Hardy will be a transitional champion. WWE creative is just pacifying Hardy fans with this title run.

As we travel down the road to Wrestlemania 25 Jeff Hardy fans will probably be disappointed in the coming months. Hardy does not have the drawing power to main event Wrestlemania and will likely lose his title at "No Way Out" or even as soon as the "Royal Rumble".

It is no secret anymore that Christian has signed on with the WWE and will play a huge role in the current storyline involving the Hardy car accident. Christian will most likely align himself with Edge in some fashion and disrupt the Jeff Hardy title reign.

Matt Hardy's loss of the ECW heavyweight title, has sparked many Internet rumours that point toward his involvement in an angle with his brother. Perhaps a heel turn for Matt against Jeff would make the most sense. Do I smell a sibling rivalry match at Wrestlemania?

When it's all said and done Jeff Hardy is a huge star and deserves all of the accolades he has received. The U.S. or Intercontienantal titles suit him much better. In fact Hardy really doesn't need a title at all to get over. He can provide memorable wrestling moments without them.

Becoming WWE Champion is nothing more than a chapter in what is sure to a storied career for Jeff Hardy.