New York Jets: Will the Tebow Trade Make the Jets Take off or Come Crashing Down

Aaron Jacobs@@AaronAJacobsContributor IIIMarch 23, 2012

New York Jets: Will the Tebow Trade Make the Jets Take off or Come Crashing Down

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    Tim Tebow is officially on his way to the Big Apple after the New York Jets made the decision to trade away a fourth and sixth round pick for the controversial quarterback.

    Jets fans have speculated the past 24 hours about Tim Tebow becoming a member of the team and how he fits in with the current regime being built in New York.

    The other major topic being debated goes beyond the field: it is how Tim Tebow and his baggage will fit in New York, if at all.

    The following is a list of how Tim Tebow could impact the Jets organization negatively and positively.

Positive Impact: Tim Tebow, the Football Player

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    Tim Tebow is a great football player. Very few people would deny that he is a special athlete with the football in his hands.

    It is difficult to dispute his abilities, considering the way he put the Denver Broncos on his back last season.

    The team got off to a 1-4 start under Kyle Orton, and finished 7-4 when Tebow took over.

    The Broncos finished 8-8 and won the division. He not only led them to a playoff berth, but a playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Many would argue that he had a great deal of help from the defense, but he did clearly change the way the team played when he was the starter.

    Tebow is always working to get better. He is a team-oriented guy and will push his teammates. This is not the same as making everyone better on the field, but encouraging your teammates is an underrated value.

    The one thing you can't take away from Tim Tebow, he is a winner.

Positive Impact: Tim Tebow Pushes Mark Sanchez to Be a Better Quarterback

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    If the New York Jets trade for Tim Tebow motivates Mark Sanchez to be a better quarterback, leader and player, then everyone will have to say it was a complete success.

    Everyone knew that the Jets desperately needed to replace Mark Brunell as the backup quarterback because Mark Sanchez needed a threat behind him to motivate him to play better.

    Maybe, Tebow is just the kind of motivation Sanchez needs to get in gear and fix his game. Sanchez has been called lazy, comfortable and coddled. The list of descriptions continues to grow. 

    The organization wants to see Sanchez take the next step as a quarterback and this would be the best time for him to start.

    If this move pushes Sanchez to his full potential, the Jets front office will look brilliant, but that's a big if.

Positive Impact: The New York Jets Stick to the Gameplan; Become Dynamic Offense

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    Maybe, just maybe, we are all over-analyzing the Tim Tebow trade just a bit too much. Maybe the Jets' genuine interest here is to bring Tim Tebow in as a situational quarterback to run the Wildcat. After all, new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano has been known to specifically target players to fit his offensive system.

    For instance, back in 2009, the Miami Dolphins drafted Pat White specifically to incorporate his speed into the Wildcat. White was a quarterback in college, but projected to be a better wideout or tailback in the NFL. He has since retired from the NFL.

    Tim Tebow is probably one of the better athletes that Sparano has ever had to run the Wildcat. Maybe, the opportunity was too good to pass up for the Jets.

    If everyone commits to their job, it could mean a fresh start and a vastly improved Jets' offense.

Positive Impact: Tebow Could Be a Great Locker Room Influence

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    Tim Tebow is arguably a better leader than Mark Sanchez. The reason why Tebow is the better leader right now is due to the fact that Sanchez has no control over his own teammates.

    When you are drafted as a franchise quarterback, the leadership role is naturally assigned. He needs to embrace that role as a leader, step up and bring this team together.

    Maybe some of Tebow's leadership attributes can rub off on Mark Sanchez, or maybe for the first time in NFL history a backup quarterback can be a leader on a team. After all, if you are on the sidelines it's easy to be in everyone's face the way Tebow can and will be.

    Obviously, the chance of that happening is slim to none, but this will lead into what happens if Tebow becomes the starter.

    At least Tebow can bring some character to a dysfunctional roster of players.

    Hopefully, the team can embrace him and welcome the "polarizing" figure in the locker room, the Jets sure could use a voice in that locker room.

Negative Impact: The Jets Are Close to Done in Free Agency and Still Have Needs

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    The New York Jets came into this season with a bunch of gaping holes on their roster. They filled some of those need positions in free agency by signing safety LaRon Landry and wideout Chaz Schilens.

    They also brought back some of their free agents including nose tackle Sione Pouah, outside linebacker Bryan Thomas and kicker Nick Folk.

    The Jets thus far have not filled all the needs on the roster.

    They still need to fill in multiple positions on both sides of the ball, including right tackle, free safety, outside linebacker, inside linebacker and wide receiver. Also, it couldn't hurt to add depth at offensive line, safety, running back and defensive line.

    But, finding depth is what the NFL draft is for, so it will be easier to judge the roster needs then.

Negative Impact: The New York Jets Have Annoyed Another Player

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    Before free agency started, the New York Jets had indicated that there would be a shakeup at the quarterback position behind Mark Sanchez, but nobody knew that it meant Tim Tebow was coming to town.

    In case anyone forgot, the Jets signed Drew Stanton less than a week ago to backup Sanchez. After the acquisition of Tebow, there have been numerous reports that Stanton has told the Jets he wants out.

    Could anyone blame him with Tebow-mania coming into town?

    For fans of the New York Jets, the scorning of a player is nothing new.

    Many former Jets players have questioned the loyalty of the team including some fan favorites, such as Shaun Ellis and Jerricho Cotchery.

    This doesn't bode well when the Jets look to bring in future free agents, most of whom would expect loyalty from the team they sign with.

Negative Impact: Are the New York Jets a Football Team or a Sideshow?

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    The New York Jets already have one GQ magazine model/proverbial "adolescent teen heartthrob" playing quarterback, and now they have two.

    Is New York big enough for two high endorsement quarterbacks on the same team?

    Plus, there is already a quarterback in New York that has won two Super Bowl Championships. That should be more than enough inspiration for both of them.

    What these two need to do is to spend more time studying and use this off-season to make themselves and their team better.

    My point in all this is that the focus is being shifted and the New York Jets look like more of a reality television show than a football organization.

Positive/Negative Impact: Tim Tebow Becomes the Starting QB

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    Tim Tebow still wants to play quarterback and he wants to be a starter in the NFL. After last year's success, could anyone blame him?

    If Mark Sanchez starts slow next season, how long will it be until Tebow is named the starter?

    It would be terrible for the Jets if this happened because they just signed Mark Sanchez to a 3-year $58.25 million contract extension and it will be a waste of money if the backup takes over.

    Tim Tebow as a quarterback is a work in progress, and that's being generous. Tebow has poor footwork and terrible throwing motion. His decision-making is questionable and his accuracy is terrible. I could go on and on, but that would be a waste of a slide.

    Tebow makes up for his lack of quarterback skills with above average mobility. He frequently extends plays and gains positive yards on busted plays.

    Tebow has one quality that stands out as a quarterback, he is a leader. Leadership is an intangible that many young quarterbacks lack in the NFL.

    However, there is a reason that the Denver Broncos wanted to get rid of Tim Tebow. He still needs a ton of work to be a true quarterback.

    While he may win games as the starter for the Jets, would he be able to convince them he can be the franchise quarterback? Doubtful.

Positive/Negative Impact: The Jets Realize Mark Sanchez Is Not "The Guy"

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    This is another split-decision slide, because while it would be good for the New York Jets to figure out that Mark Sanchez is not their franchise quarterback, it would also hurt them because of all the time, money and effort they invested in him.

    The Jets traded up to the fifth overall selection in the 2009 draft to take Sanchez. Since then, it has been a roller coaster ride for everyone.

    In his first season, Sanchez became the fourth rookie quarterback in NFL history to win his first playoff game and the second to win two playoff games. After a loss in the AFC championship game to the Indianapolis Colts, fans and management alike thought they had found the quarterback of the future. 

    Sanchez brought the Jets back to the AFC championship game in his sophomore season, but fell short of Super Bowl aspirations again in a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Expectations might have gotten the best of Sanchez. Last season, the Jets finished 8-8 and teammate Santonio Holmes expressed his frustration with his quarterback.

    Sanchez undeniably regressed, and its not all his fault. The offensive line was sub-par at best and Sanchez was always under pressure. Add in some bad decisions and you have a letdown of a season.

    Sanchez heads into year four of his career under scrutiny. The New York Jets expressed interest in Peyton Manning, but he wasn't interested. The Jets felt the need to show Sanchez how much they wanted him by extending his contract.

    After the dust had somewhat settled, the Jets trade for Tim Tebow. Can Sanchez catch a break?

    After taking a look deeper into the contract extension, it works out in the Jets favor because if Sanchez fails to perform they can cut him following the 2013 season without any contract difficulties.

    Looks like this could be the year for the Jets to figure out if Mark Sanchez will actually be "the guy." If Tebow takes over, Sanchez might not ever get his job back.

Negative Impact: Tebow and Sanchez Are Both Not the Future

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    One way to sum up the New York Jets' current quarterback situation: a battle of mediocrity.

    In the 2011 season Mark Sanchez had the fifth worst total quarterback rating (QBR) in the league at 33.6. Anyone want to guess the names that show up below Mark Sanchez?

    Coming in with the third worst quarterback rating in 2011: none other than Tim Tebow. He had a total quarterback of 27.2 last season finishing only ahead of Curtis Painter and Blaine Gabbert.

    If you combine both of these total quarterback ratings it totals to 60.8. That number is less than the thirteenth total quarterback rating last season, 61.0, which belonged to none other than New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning.

    Yikes, no wonder Drew Stanton is so angry.

In Conclusion: Stay Tuned, It's Just Getting Started

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    This is all speculation of the impact that follows the trading of a player like Tim Tebow. Certainly, the Jets were bound to make changes, so they could improve on last season's disastrous ending.

    Who would have imagined a headline grabbing move from the Jets this season? Like it or not, Tim Tebow is coming to town and his acquisition has put the Jets back in the limelight.

    For starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, the presence of Tim Tebow will either make-or-break him as an NFL quarterback.