Tim Tebow to Jets: Pros and Cons of Controversial Move

Aidan MackieSenior Analyst IMarch 23, 2012

Tim Tebow to Jets: Pros and Cons of Controversial Move

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    The recent acquisition of Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos has been met with a mixed reception.

    Some believe the move is the beginning of a bright future in the Big Apple, while others believe it will further descend the Jets into mediocrity. 

    The polarizing quarterback prospect comes with a lot of questions.

    Here are the pros and the cons of Tebow heading to New York. 

Pro: Increases Offensive Playbook

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    Tim Tebow may not have the arm strength or accuracy to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, but he can be very helpful for Gang Green's offense.

    Tebow is a dramatic improvement over Mark Brunell in the backup quarterback role, so an injury to Sanchez will not completely destroy New York's playoff hopes.

    The Florida product will expand the offensive playbook drastically, and the wildcat could be a very effective option with Tebow on the field.

    The Jets had success a few seasons ago in the wildcat with Brad Smith.

    Tebow will significantly improve the Jets rushing game, and he could take pressure off Mark Sanchez

Pro: Tebow Is a Locker Room Guy and a Winner

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    While many fans and experts have a negative view of Tebow, the 24-year old has done nothing to spurn people throughout his career.

    Tebow is a team-ortientated player, as he always places the team's performance over his own.

    The Jets lack leaders in their locker room, and therefore lack cohesion.

    Tebow could change this and unite the talented group, much like he did with the Broncos last season.

    Tebow is also a winner. He has played in big games before, and his intensity never dies down. 

Con: Begins a Quarterback Controversy

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    This is perhaps the biggest con of bringing in Tebow to the Big Apple.

    Despite numerous Jets officials backing Sanchez and confirming him as next year's starter, Tebow reportedly (http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/tim-tebow-ny-jets-a-backup-thinks-beat-mark-sanchez-starting-quarterback-job-sources-article-1.1049461) believes that he can compete and beat out Sanchez for the starting quarterback position next season.

    If this report is true, this could start a lot of tension between the two young quarterbacks.

    The locker room could go back into shambles and Sanchez's confidence would once again be diminished. 

Con: Adds Unnecessary Distraction

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    With the signing of Tebow, the Jets have guaranteed that they will be the talk of the town for much of the next calendar year.

    Tebow is the most polarizing figure in the NFL. He is more a celebrity than a football player, and his popularity is unparalleled.

    This increased media attention could lead to a lot of distractions. The team will once again be under the microscope, and any sort of failure will be met with thousands of critics.  

    This intense pressure could end up getting to many players and end in another disappointing season. 

Con: Puts Even More Pressure on Mark Sanchez

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    This con is a combination of the previous two.

    Mark Sanchez has faced an enormous amount of scrutiny in his three years as Jets quarterback, but he has never dealt with this kind of pressure.

    Any sort of mistake made by Sanchez will be met with thousands of fans screaming for Tebow.

    The former first round pick will have the world on his shoulders and may try to do too much. 

    This will not only lead to bad things for the Jets, but for Sanchez's career as a whole. 

    The combination of the biggest media market on the planet and the most beloved quarterback of this generation sitting behind him may spell trouble for Sanchez.