Tim Tebow to the New York Jets: How Will Tebowmania Affect NYC?

Jake SilverCorrespondent IMarch 22, 2012

FOXBORO, MA - JANUARY 14:  Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos reacts against the New England Patriots during their AFC Divisional Playoff Game at Gillette Stadium on January 14, 2012 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Tebowmania is the sports phenomenon of 2011—and possibly of the entire decade. The media storm that surrounded Tim Tebow during his stint in Denver made him one of the most talked about professional athletes ever.

So now, what happens with him in New York—the largest media market in the world?

Face it, we all know who Tebow is. Rarely—if ever—has there been an athlete so polarizing to play any professional sport. 

There are many who knew him first as the legendary University of Florida quarterback who won two national championships and a Heisman trophy. This is the crowd that forms the base of the unconventional signal-caller's fans. 

The rest of the Tebowmaniacs were born during the 2011 NFL season, somewhere between Week 6 and the Wild Card Round. The media loves Tebow, and why the heck not? His very name sparks debates so intense that grown men scream at each other on TV.

During his time with the Denver Broncos, we were forced to hear about Tebow when he won, lost, rode the bench, went to the bathroom, waved to a fan or left his house. There was no way to read or watch sports-related media without hearing about or seeing Tebow. 

At this point, hearing "Tebow'' on television is as bad as hearing "Brett Favre" and "retire" in the same sentence. 

So now, not only is the former Heisman playing in New York City, but he's gone to the team that is notoriously the biggest media circus in the NFL. To a team where players were taking to Twitter in order to discourage a trade.  

To a team where the incumbent starter is one losing streak from being run out of town. A team where the coach would rather let his players catfight than take care of his locker room.

The New York Jets.

As if we didn't have to hear enough nonsense about both Tebow and the Jets on a near-daily basis, now we will likely be treated to a nonstop barrage of JeTebowMania.

You think the New York media and fans have been hard on Mark Sanchez so far? Wait till you see him go three-and-out with No. 15 Tebowing on the sidelines. Think Rex Ryan sounded stupid the last three years? Wait until you see postgame press conferences about Tebow vs. Sanchez.

Remember Kyle Orton vs. Tebow in training camp? Now picture Tebow vs. Sanchez.

No matter what happens now, we cannot escape the Tebowmania of the Jets. Now, if Sanchez improves, the front office will be lauded for bringing a legitimate competitor to push him. If he fails, it will be their fault for pressuring him, and Tebow will have the impossible task of saving the Jets.

If their locker room heals its wounds, Tebow will likely receive credit, but if it implodes, then obviously it will have been a terrible mistake to bring him on board.

If Tebow gets the Jets' starting job, cancel your cable subscription. 

Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen, because a storm of Tebowmania the size of Linsanity on steroids is heading our way. 

Just keep your head down and hope that the Jacksonville Jaguars eventually save us all with a surprise trade.