Philies Off-Season Update

Rupert PupkinCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2009

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Chan Ho Park declned an invite to the World Baseball Classic this afternoon stating he would rather work toward his goal of becoming a starter for the champs.

“I’m very sorry to my fans and the people who wanted me to play in the WBC,” Park said. “I won’t be playing for the national team anymore.”

The likeliness that the Phil’s newest acquisition will become a starter is small, but it will certainly light a fire under the feet of whoever that starter may be.


The Atlanta Braves have agreed to terms with Derek Lowe, 35, according to sources for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  The reports say that the Lowe signing will be official depending on the results of a Wednesday physical.

The right hander has spent the bulk of his career in LA.  He’s a sold pitcher who certainly has a lot left.  I doubt the move will put the Braves back on the level of the Phillies and Mets, but it certainly signifies that Atlanta is not satisfied with third place.

The Mets and Braves have now both made some big off-season moves.  Beside signing Ibanez, which was only to replace the Burrell vacancy, the Champs have been disappointingly quiet.  Amaro needs to answer back soon.  The numbers are against him and the competition is just getting stronger.


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