WWE News: Triple H Ready to Push FCW Talent to Main Roster

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IMarch 21, 2012

Photo: starpulse.com
Photo: starpulse.com

According to Wrestlinginc.com, several FCW talents such as Husky Harris, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are being considered for a big push to the WWE main roster. 

It has also been reported by the site that Triple H is not going to debut the talent without weeks of build for them, and also a story-line mapped out for them first.

Allegedly, another one of Triple H's ideas is not to debut the talent around the same time.

These FCW talents have been working promotion for quite some time, and most wrestling fans are in agreement that they should have been pushed to the main roster sooner.

With the current situation of the FCW promotion in transit to another location, putting some of it's talent to the WWE roster is a good move, considering the lack of depth of it's current roster.

Some wrestling fans question the whole developmental system as a whole, the question being whether or not it is actually honing wrestlers skills or just holding them back.

Considering that several wrestlers from other promotions such as Ring of Honor are currently training in FCW, it begs the question of if they really need to be in a developmental territory?

Hopefully if these FCW talents do make it to the main WWE roster, they will have ample time to get a decent push and to develop into long term bankable WWE superstars.


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