LSU Football: Jordan Jefferson In, Jarrett Lee Out

Jacob KerrContributor IJanuary 15, 2009

As most people have already heard, Andrew Hatch has transferred from LSU, which gives the Tigers' quarterback situation a bit more clarity.

Jordan Jefferson will obviously get the start over Jarrett Lee. This will be one of the easiest decisions Les Miles will have to make when he is constructing his opening day depth chart.

Why should Jarrett Lee be ruled out, some might ask?

He went a combined 2-4 as a starter in SEC play. The reason it's not 3-4 is because Hatch started against Auburn. Jarrett Lee also has thrown 16 interceptions—seven of which were returned for touchdowns. 

Jordan Jefferson, on the other hand, has been able to throw four touchdown passes and rush for another touchdown, while only throwing one interception (which was not returned for a touchdown) in the only game that he played substantial amounts of time in.

He is also a quick thinker when he is in the pocket. He doesn't just go down if the pocket collapses, like Jarrett Lee would always do, but rolls out to buy more time and either run or pass. He also doesn't eye down the receiver that he intends to throw to. He looks off the receiver so the safety will bite, then turns and deliver a strike.

Jefferson is one of the most mobile QB's I have ever seen. He reminds me of Matt Mauck when LSU won the 2003 National Championship over Oklahoma.

LSU will be able to do great things with Jordan Jefferson as the starting QB.