TNA Top 10 Contenders (Mar. 19): Fallout from Victory Road

Charlie GSenior Writer IMarch 21, 2012

TNA Top 10 Contenders (Mar. 19): Fallout from Victory Road

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    Eric Bischoff once pushed for TNA to have their own power ranking system called the “Top 10 Contenders” in mid-2010.

    This ranking system was in place for only one short month. I’m here in hopes of reviving that system, only with a little tweak. These Top 10 Contenders will be TNA power rankings very much like how WWE ranks Superstars on their weekly Power 25. The World Champion and TNA Knockouts may be included.

    Here’s my crack at TNA’s Top 10 Contenders following the Victory Road pay-per-view event from March 18.

10. Crimson

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    Crimson was going into Victory Road with Matt Morgan for a Tag Team Championship match against the reigning champs, Samoa Joe and Magnus.

    Crimson and Morgan have shown signs of tension in the past, and Victory Road served as a “powdered keg” where everything erupted.

    After more miscommunication, the duo (Crimson and Morgan) was fed up with each other. Crimson speared Matt Morgan in the center of the ring, thus putting the final nail in the coffin.

    Matt Morgan and Crimson are officially done. The much anticipated heel turn is complete.

    Crimson may not have walked out of Victory Road victorious, but he sure did leave an impact.

9. Devon

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    Not originally booked for the event, Devon showed up at Victory Road anyway. He was the guy to step up to the plate and take a swing at Robbie E’s open challenge for the Television Championship.

    Unlike Shannon Moore (who struck out at Against All Odds), Devon managed to hit a home run.

    Devon defeated Robbie E to become the new TNA Television Champion.

    Since the title is viewed as a prop by many, Devon ranks low on this week’s list.

8. Samoa Joe and Magnus

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    They did walk out of Victory Road with their championships intact, but the champs didn’t look so strong against their challengers. At one point, neither man could fight off “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan.

    Once “The Blueprint” got rolling, the only thing to stop him was an unexpected spear from his former partner.

    The champs would go on and take advantage of a weakened Morgan to retain their belts.

7. Sting

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    “The Insane Icon” came into the IMPACT Zone on March 18 with one thing in mind: hurt Bobby Roode.

    I think it’s safe to say that Sting completed his goal of laying a beatdown on the world champ. In the end, it was almost as if Sting beat himself.

    While delivering his finisher, “The Icon” crashed head first onto a steel chair, knocking himself out in the process. Despite that, the Stinger looked “alive” in the ring again.

    He came with one mission and that was to hurt Bobby Roode.

6. James Storm

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    “The Cowboy” wasn’t working by the hour at Victory Road.

    Arrive. Super Kick. One, two, three. Done.

    That was on Storm’s schedule come March 18. The Cowboy has been on a roll in recent weeks, but this wasn’t his best night.

    James Storm did have surgery done on his knee earlier in the week, which definitely had an effect on his match against Bully Ray from Sunday.

5. Gail Kim

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    Gail Kim faced off against former BFF Madison Rayne at TNA’s Victory Road.

    Though she was dominated in the early going, Gail Kim managed to pull a win out of nowhere. Reversing Madison’s “Rayne Drop” and hitting Eat Defeat to retain her Knockouts Championship is top-five material.

4. Kurt Angle

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    Kurt Angle may be going to the Olympics very soon, but he does make the Top 10 Contenders for this week.

    Not only did he put a beating on the “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy, but he defeated him. In a battle of former World Champions, Kurt Angle came out the winner…with an assist from the second rope.

    Kurt may be leaving for the Olympics, but I have a feeling that this feud with Jeff Hardy is far from over.

3. AJ Styles

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    AJ Styles definitely had one of the most impressive showings of the night. AJ has worked with Kazarian and Daniels so many times in the past that they know each other so well and produce a great match.

    He did an amazing job in his match with Mr. Anderson against Kazarian and Daniels. AJ was just a human highlight reel and put on an awesome show.

    Landing on his feet after the monkey flip, the flying forearm and reversing Kazarian’s Fade to Black into a Styles Clash...

    AJ was phenomenal.

2. Austin Aries

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    Austin Aries continues to make history.

    Aries has recently become the longest-reigning X Division Champion in the history of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. His record is 190 days and counting.

    He faced off against one of his most interesting opponents in recent memory, Zema Ion.

    Ion injured Jesse Sorensen for what doctors say will take a year for full of recovery. Zema Ion has defeated several X Division talents such as Alex Shelley, Anthony Nese, Jesse Sorensen and Shannon Moore. Zema was going into Victory Road with a more believable chance of winning than any of Aries’ past opponents.

    When it came down to it, Austin Aries dropped Zema on his head with a brain buster and forced him to tap out in front of the live audience.

    A Double continues to set the record as longest reigning champion, and he picked up a good, clean victory at the pay-per-view.

1. Bobby Roode

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    Bobby Roode survived The Insane Icon’s onslaught at Victory Road. He picked up a clean pinfall over a multi-time World Champion and an icon in the form of Sting.

    A clean win over Sting will always turn heads and gain attention.

    Bobby Roode didn’t stop there. He mocked TNA President Dixie Carter in the ring as the live crowd in attendance chanted, “Fire Bobby.”

    After the events that happened at Victory Road, Bobby Roode is one of the primary reasons to tune into IMPACT this Thursday night.


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