Murder on the football pitch!

Harald HarestadCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2008

During the last decade or so, we have been witnessing some pretty disturbing tackles on the pitch. We don't need to go further in debt than mentioning Henrik Larsson, Alf Inge Håland and now sadly also Eduardo.

 I've come across many people who say that football isn't a very dangerous sport, that it's all about handling the ball that makes it beautiful. While this may be true, one can't take a second look at the tackle Eduardo went through and still claim football is a sport for the faint of heart. Most of the people I do talk to, mention that cycling is the most dangerous sports, with climbing monstrous mountain hills in extreme temperatures and racing each other downhill with only 3,5 centimetres of tire seperating them from death on the pavement.

 While this is all good and facinating, I don't believe it's fair to say that football is a sport for extravanagats with gel in their hair and the finest sports cars, no football is a sport for those with real guts and nose for glory.

 I'd like to put this out for those who critizise the amount of diving in football, the never-ending search of that free penalty or how much it helps just to add a little spin to your fall when tackled so that the man or woman that got you might get a red card. I concur, it's way to much diving and faking in football, but don't put the whole sport under the same magnifying glass and call us all fakers.

Thruth be told, I'd dare any man to stand still and watch a 1.90 m tall man run up to you at top pace and then plant his knots of steel right at your ankle.

And this can happen anywhere, anytime in football. But still those lads go out there and play their hearts out, dodging that grucial tackle that could mean the end of their career.

And I believe I've got everybody with me when I claim, a tackle like Eduardo had to endure, if performed on an open street would put the tackler behind bars for a very long time, falling of a bike however, isn't a crime.

 Am I right?