Buffalo Bills Continue Strong Offseason by Re-Signing Bryan Scott

Josh CembellinCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2012

Bills safety Bryan Scott will return to Buffalo in 2012
Bills safety Bryan Scott will return to Buffalo in 2012Rick Diamond/Getty Images

In a day full of cannonball waves in the NFL swimming pool, the Buffalo Bills made yet another great offseason move by re-signing safety Bryan Scott. Scott broke the news himself on Twitter.

According to Joe Buscaglia, a Buffalo Bills reporter for WGR550, Scott’s heart was always set on sticking with the Bills. Per Buscaglia, the versatile safety said, “We’re not a bunch of egomaniacs and Hollywood guys, we’re here to work. We have one common theme in mind and that’s to win games.”

Over the past few seasons, Scott has proven to be a valuable component in Buffalo’s defense. At 6’1” and 219 pounds, he’s shifted around between both safety positions and has also dabbled at playing linebacker at times.

His big frame and physical style of play are especially useful when covering big tight ends like New England’s Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

Outside of that, though, Scott is also a team leader and an exemplary worker. With his attitude, demeanor and work ethic, he is a great model for the younger defensive backs that continue to emerge on Buffalo’s roster.

The signing takes pressure off Buffalo to fill Scott's void in the draft had he not re-signed.

As the football world continues to turn itself upside down, out in Buffalo, the Bills are making some great moves to keep the ship steady and heading in the right direction.