Is It over Yet? 5 Things We Can Do Without in the WWE

Renee GerberCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2012

Is It over Yet? 5 Things We Can Do Without in the WWE

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    Usually, with WrestleMania just around the corner, events going on in World Wrestling Entertainment are exciting—even if they've been rehashed a zillion times over.

    There is an anticipation in the air at what might happen at the flagship pay-per-view of the year, with millions of fans around the world waiting to shell out their money to watch it on TV, or, if they're lucky enough, to be there in person at the arena as it happens.

    That just doesn't seem to be the case this year.

    WrestleMania 28 simply can't get here fast enough, and I'm not saying that because I'm looking forward to the pay-per-view. Actually, it's because I'm sick to death of certain things that are taking place in WWE for the build-up of what's supposed to be the biggest extravaganza of the year for wrestling fans.

    In this slideshow, I highlight five things WWE can do without, some of which are related to WrestleMania and others that are not.

    Let's see how many people agree with me. Onward to the slideshow...

Get Rid of John Laurinaitis!

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    John Laurinaitis is an incredibly boring character. Not to insult the flavor vanilla, but that's an apt adjective for him as well. Oh, hell, let's not mince words here—he is exactly everything CM Punk called him out on when the two briefly feuded a couple of months back. He is completely devoid of charisma, and it would be more interesting to watch Hacksaw Jim Duggan's 2x4 in the role of Interim General Manager of RAW.

    That's something that makes you wonder, too—the word "Interim" tossed into his onscreen title. Since it means "temporary," you have to question why WWE is shoving Johnny Ace down the fans' throats every single week. This is a person who gets very real heat from the fans, so why is he possibly still going to stick around after WrestleMania—and as the General Manager for both shows, no less?!

Keep Otunga Out of the Ring!

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    The subject of John Laurinaitis of course brings up the issue of his sidekick, David Otunga. Here's another thing the WWE doesn't need—a guy who has absolutely no talent and has no business being in professional wrestling. Is he really only there because he's engaged to Jennifer Hudson? No offense to Jennifer, but so what?!

    I think about the fact that Otunga was part of the first season of NXT and how other, more talented wrestlers from that show never—or very rarely—appear, and how he is seen on screen about as much as World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan...That is just wrong, very, very wrong.

    While I would rather see Otunga ousted from WWE altogether, at the very least, they could relegate him to a non-in-ring role and it would be a little better.

Show the Divas Some Respect!

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    Where do I begin on this topic? Okay, how about on Natalya? For the past few months, the WWE has had her involved in what has got to be the stupidest gimmick I've ever seen in 25 years of loyally watching wrestling.

    News reports claimed it was set forth as a way to "get her over," but that sounds like a load. Unless you're hard of hearing or simply haven't been watching, this angle involves Natalya farting and getting embarrassed and running away afterward. It is not at all funny; it is idiotic and shows a complete and utter lack of respect to the greatest woman wrestler in the company today. This angle needs to be scrapped...YESTERDAY!

    The best thing going on lately with the divas is no doubt Eve Torres turning heel. Here is a woman who went from being an afterthought as a face who was quite bland, but the second she turned heel, she has been intriguing, exciting and so convincing. However, after the first two or three weeks, she hasn't been getting anywhere near the amount of air- or mic-time as she should. Has WWE forgotten about her already?

    The divas' matches–when they do take place–are still ridiculously short. How about allowing the women a decent amount of time in the ring instead of a measly two minutes or less?!

    Ahh, and then there's Beth Phoenix...Remember her? She's only the Divas champion, yet she's been shoved to the backburner. The last segment she was in also wasn't exactly convincing. Can you see Beth pulling an Eve and seducing Zack Ryder to get what she wants?

    WWE can certainly do without this horrible disrespect and neglect of the divas. Period.

Enough With The Rock and John Cena!

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    John Cena and The Rock...This is the match that fans have really been looking forward to–right?

    Personally, I was until they pimped it to death and then some.

    Each and every week, the closer we get to WrestleMania 28, there has been nothing but one upmanship between the two, though the funny thing is that these two guys are so alike, it's laughable! It's almost as though they're insulting themselves instead of each other.

    Another thing is that when this entire storyline began, everyone speculated that Cena would turn heel. This would have been absolutely great, since many believe he was at his best as a heel, but it never happened. It also kind of makes his feud with Kane quite irrelevant, when you get right down to it.

    Some people believe The Rock should win at WrestleMania, because otherwise, this entire thing was pointless. In any case, the over-pimping and buildup for this one has been brutal.

MUST We See Taker vs Trips Part 3?!

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    Here's what the WWE can do without most of all—Triple H vs the Undertaker, part three!

    Exactly why is this match being shoved down our throats?! There is literally no point to it because we've already seen it twice already—twice. I've seen both matches and have had my fill. The one big difference at WrestleMania 28 is that Shawn Michaels has been appointed special referee.

    So what?

    My take is that there is really only one reason behind this match...It's not because last year's bout between the two was "so exciting," or that is was "match of the year" (it wasn't anything spectacular at all, plus Undertaker had to do the vast majority of the work).

    This year marks 20 years for Taker at WrestleMania and it's a milestone. However, with that being said, I cannot fathom any reason for this match taking place for a THIRD time unless Triple H is going to end the streak. And that is a load of...Well, you know.

    The Undertaker should get the privilege of walking out of the WWE with his streak intact.He's a legend. This match is something the WWE doesn't need at all, but most of all, WWE doesn't need to hand the honor of ending the streak over to Triple H.