Tim Tebow's White Wedding, OSU'S Boosters Don't Die: BR5 3/21

BR5Daily ShowMarch 21, 2012

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Today's episode of BR5 gets you up-to-date on everything from Elway's daughter to boosters not dying.

There will always be a place for Tim Tebow in John Elway's heart, just not a place for him on the field. He likes the guy enough to want him to marry his daughter, but not enough to lead his team on Sundays.

According to Forbes.com, Oklahoma State University athletics took out $10 million in life insurance policies on 27 senior citizen boosters. The school thought it could rake in as much as $350 million in revenue, but when none of the boosters passed, it cost the university around $33 million.

The NY Post reports that Alex Rodriguez let his niece rack up a $17,000-plus clothing tab at a Manhattan boutique. A-Rod gets abuse about everything from his performance on the field to his dating habits, so the scrutiny should be no surprise.

Linsanity has officially gone global. Jeremy Lin has signed a deal with Volvo to help promote their cars all over the world, with a concentration in Asia.

Free agent running back Cedric Benson is admired by at least one person. According to TMZ, Benson was having lunch a few weeks back with some friends and decided to help an old lady cross the street.

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