MLB Free Agency: One Offseason Move Each Team's Fanbase Despised

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2012

MLB Free Agency: One Offseason Move Each Team's Fanbase Despised

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    A number of players switched teams during the 2012 MLB offseason. Some signed in new cities as free agents while others were traded.

    Baseball fans are a very vocal group and they have made their feelings known about some of the moves (or, in some cases, non-moves) of their favorite team.

    There are a few teams that had a great offseason and whose fans have nothing to complain about, but for the fans of most teams, their favorite franchise made at least one decision that made them scratch their heads.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Signing Jason Kubel

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    Entering the offseason, the Arizona Diamondbacks seemed to have their outfield set with Chris Young, Gerardo Parra and Justin Upton. That did not prevent the team from going out and signing Jason Kubel.

    Now Parra, a Gold Glover last season, will have to take on a role as a fourth outfielder. Kubel's production is not good enough to merit moving Parra to the bench.

Atlanta Braves: Not Signing a Starting Shortstop

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    At the moment it appears as if Tyler Pastornicky and Andrelton Simmons are battling it out for the starting shortstop role in Atlanta.

    Neither player has really proven that he deserves to the the Braves' starter. Braves fans would have liked to see the team sign a short-term option that can really contribute this year. Jack Wilson was added, but he is seen as a bench player.

Baltimore Orioles: Signing Kim Seong-min

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    A number of teams have looked to South Korea to sign international talent. The Baltimore Orioles will no longer be able to scout players in the country

    Orioles scouts were banned from the country after the team signed 17-year-old Kim Seong-min. He was not eligible to sign when the Orioles gave him a contract.

Boston Red Sox: Bringing in Mike Aviles to Be the Team's Starting Shortstop

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    When Mike Aviles broke into the major leagues with the Kansas City Royals in 2008, he looked capable of being a starting shortstop. However, that has not proven to be the case.

    The Boston Red Sox brought in Aviles this winter with the intent of making him the team's starting shortstop. This move is one that could certainly hurt the Red Sox this season.

Chicago Cubs: Holding on to Alfonso Soriano

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    The Chicago Cubs were able to pull off a number of good moves this winter, including bringing in Theo Epstein to help change the direction of the franchise. Epstein managed to deal away Carlos Zambrano.

    One of the players that Epstein has not been able to move yet is Alfonso Soriano. Cubs fans are not happy with him and they want to see him wearing another team's uniform.

Chicago White Sox: Letting Mark Buehrle Go

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    For the past 12 years, Mark Buehrle was a member of the Chicago White Sox's starting rotation and he was a fan favorite.

    Now, Buehrle finds himself as a member of the Miami Marlins and White Sox fans are unhappy that management could not keep their ace in Chicago.

Cincinnati Reds: Keeping Aroldis Chapman in the Bullpen

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    Aroldis Chapman has had success in the Cincinnati Reds bullpen, but it was always thought that he would be a starter for the Reds.

    Cincinnati is choosing to have Chapman start the year in the bullpen. That does not mean that he will not be a starter this year, but he likely should be.

Cleveland Indians: Trading for Derek Lowe

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    The Atlanta Braves were desperate to find a taker for Derek Lowe and they eventually found one.

    Lowe is now a member of the Cleveland Indians' starting rotation. He has struggled over the past few years and things will not get any better for him in Cleveland.

Colorado Rockies: Signing Michael Cuddyer

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    The Colorado Rockies are a team that has a lot of outfielders. Carlos Gonzalez and Dexter Fowler were entrenched in two of the outfield spots coming into the offseason.

    There were a number of other capable outfielders in the Rockies organization, including Seth Smith, Eric Young, Charles Blackmon and Tim Wheeler that could have filled the last outfield spot. Instead, the team signed Michael Cuddyer, traded away Smith and traded for Tyler Colvin.

    Colorado could have certainly used their resources more effectively this winter.

Detroit Tigers: Nothing

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    There really isn't any move that the Detroit Tigers made this offseason that made their fans angry.

    The team had a great offseason and the Tigers are looking like one of the favorites for the American League pennant.

Houston Astros: Not Dealing Wandy Rodriguez

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    Wandy Rodriguez had his name mentioned a number of times during the 2011 MLB trade deadline, but ultimately he did not go anywhere.

    Interest in Rordiguez has waned and it appears that the Houston Astros will be stuck with Rodriguez and his contract for a while.

Kansas City Royals: Bringing Back Yuniesky Betancourt

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    When the Kansas City Royals traded away Zack Greinke prior to the 2011 season, they also gave up Yuniesky Betancourt in the deal. Royals fans were not sad to see him go.

    Betancourt hit the free-agent market this winter and the Royals made the decision to bring him back. It is not a move that was welcomed by many Royals fans.

Los Angeles Angels: Nothing to Complain About

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    There is no possible way that Los Angeles Angels fans can be angry with anything that their team did this offseason.

    After signing both Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson, the Angels had what was arguably the best offseason of any team in the major leagues.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Giving Mark Ellis a Two-Year Deal

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    The Los Angeles Dodgers surveyed the second base market and they decided that their best option was to give Mark Ellis a two-year deal worth $8.75 million.

    Ellis struggled at second base last year and he is 35 years old. There is a chance that he will not be the Dodgers' starter until his contract expires.

Miami Marlins: Trading for Carlos Zambrano

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    There were a number of big moves that the Miami Marlins made this offseason with the goal of reaching the playoffs right away. Bringing in Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle were smart moves.

    However, the Marlins made one bad decision. Carlos Zambrano could completely ruin the chemistry in the Marlins clubhouse, which could ruin their shot at making the playoffs.

Milwaukee Brewers: Letting Prince Fielder Go

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    Milwaukee Brewers fans knew that they were likely going to lose Prince Fielder this offseason, but that realization did not make the fact that he did not re-sign with the team any easier.

    Fielder was a key part of the Brewers lineup and he is an absolute superstar. He will certainly be missed in Milwaukee this year.

Minnesota Twins: Joel Zumaya

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    It seemed as if signing Joel Zumaya would be a low-risk/high-reward signing. As it turns out, that was not the case.

    Zumaya suffered a torn UCL early this spring and he will miss the entire season. The Minnesota Twins swung and missed on this signing and their fans can't be happy about that.

New York Mets: Failing to Re-Sign Jose Reyes

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    There is no denying that Jose Reyes was a fan favorite amongst New York Mets fans. He is an incredibly exciting player.

    Mets fans wanted him to stay with the team, but the team's financial problems made that impossible. It was even tougher to see him go to a division rival.

New York Yankees: Signing Hideki Okajima

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    When a team's worst move of the offseason is one that was only going to have a minimal impact on their team, it is clear that they had a good winter.

    The New York Yankees signed Hideki Okajima and the deal was voided because he failed a physical with the Yankees.

Oakland Athletics: Dealing Gio Gonzalez

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    Gio Gonzalez has been a very good pitcher over the past two seasons. The Oakland Athletics decided to trade him to the Washington Nationals as part of their mini fire sale.

    In addition, the Athletics traded away Trevor Cahill. The team's starting rotation took a big hit this winter.

Philadelphia Phillies: Giving Jonathan Papelbon a Huge Deal

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    This is a move that some Phillies fans will actually love. The biggest problem is the amount of money that Philadelphia spent on Jonathan Papelbon.

    $12.5 million is a lot of money to spend on a closer. The Phillies could have gotten a good closer for less money.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Trading for A.J. Burnett

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    It was clear that A.J. Burnett was not going to fit into the New York Yankees' plans in 2012, so the team looked to deal him.

    The Pittsburgh Pirates were willing to bring Burnett in. This was certainly a puzzling move given Burnett's recent performance, as well as the Pirates' current direction.

San Diego Padres: Dealing for Huston Street

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    Huston Street has struggled a little bit more over each of the past three seasons. The San Diego Padres dealt for him with the intention of making him their closer.

    Street may not hold on to the closers job for a long time. Brad Boxberger or Andrew Cashner could become the Padres closer before the end of the year.

San Francisco Giants: Not Signing Matt Cain to an Extension

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    Matt Cain could become a member of the monster 2013 MLB free-agent class if the San Francisco Giants do not sign him to an extension.

    The two sides were talking about a deal this winter, but nothing came of the negotiations. Contract talks between Cain and the Giants have stalled.

Seattle Mariners: Keeping Chone Figgins

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    While trading away Michael Pineda was something that was tough for Mariners fans to take, acquiring Jesus Montero in the deal made it more than palatable.

    Seattle fans were hoping that the team would be able to find a way to get rid of Chone Figgins this winter, but they were not able to.

St. Louis Cardinals: Losing Albert Pujols

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    Albert Pujols had a chance to go down in St. Louis Cardinals lore alongside of Stan Musial if he stayed with the team.

    Pujols decided to reject the offer that the Cardinals made to him and sign with the Los Angeles Angels. Losing Pujols is certainly a move that will sting for Cardinals fans for a while.

Tampa Bay Rays: Not Addressing the Catcher Position

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    The Tampa Bay Rays brought in Jose Molina this winter to catch for them, but they knew that they were not going to be able to get a full season behind the plate from him.

    Since that is the case, the Rays need someone to platoon with Molina, but they have yet to find that player. Scott Miller of CBS Sports notes that the Rays are looking for another catcher.

Texas Rangers: Failing to Trade Koji Uehara

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    Koji Uehara has a no-trade clause and he was not afraid to exercise it when the Texas Rangers tried to deal him to the Toronto Blue Jays.

    Uehara struggled with the Rangers after they acquired him last year and they thought they could get decent value for him on the trade market, but the Rangers have not yet been able to deal him.

Toronto Blue Jays: Acquring Jeff Mathis

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    The Toronto Blue Jays did not give up much for Jeff Mathis. They dealt Brad Mills to the Los Angeles Angels for him.

    Toronto has no real need for Mathis since they have J.P. Arencibia behind the dish and Travis D'Arnaud is currently waiting in the wings in the minor leagues.

Washington Nationals: Signing Mark DeRosa

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    Over the past two seasons, Mark DeRosa has not really looked like a major league player. He struggled with the San Francisco Giants.

    The Washington Nationals have brought DeRosa in this year. He may not have any positive impact on the team.