My Coaching Wish List for the Oakland Raiders Next Year

Aron OchsnerContributor IJanuary 15, 2009

We all know the type of organization the Oakland Raiders are...One mired in indecision. They lag behind in coaches with the Offensive Coordinator in Seattle, Defensive Coordinator in Cleveland, and no Head Coach. This article is dedicated to what I would like to see Al Davis do.


Head Coach: For me this one is simple. Al Davis needs to hire Tom Cable, and he needs to do it now. The aptly named "Cable Guy" would do our team wonders. He provides much need stability and is well liked in the organization. He struggled at times but with his own personnel and scheme he will build on what he did for the last two games of last year.

  • Pros: Stability, respect, motivation, relationship with Al
  • Cons: Inexperience


Offensive Coordinator: This one is a tougher decision, and it came down for me between Kevin Gilbride and Jeremy Bates. I would like to see Jeremy Bates become our new offensive playcaller next year. He is an ex-Bronco and he orchestrated a hot offense that torched us opening night. He also is a QB coach that has done well with Jay Cutler's strong arm.

  • Pros: Experience, Creativity, Ex-Bronco
  • Cons: Ex-Bronco, Youth


Defensive Coordinator: This was also a very tough decision but I feel like someone who is already on the staff and has worked with the players would be the best choice so Don Martindale is who I want. He did a nice job as LB coach with Howard and Morrison.

  • Pros: Stability, Experience with LB
  • Cons: No DC experience.