Tim Tebow Trade Idea: Why the Vikings Would Shake Up the NFL

Kaleb Smith@Kaleb SmithCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2012

Tim Tebow a Minnesota Viking? Maybe!
Tim Tebow a Minnesota Viking? Maybe!Al Bello/Getty Images

With the Peyton Manning drama rounding a corner, football fans can finally start ordering the number 18 jersey in Denver Bronco colors.  Due to the recent signing, one of the previous hot jerseys—Tim Tebow's—bought by many, may soon get dusty in the closet.  The Broncos have reportedly placed Tebow on the trading block, so who will bite?


How about the Minnesota Vikings?

A down on their luck franchise might just find a savior in Tebow.  Their last season headed in one direction—south.  What is in store for the coming season?  Developing a quarterback is the number one goal for the Vikings, but in doing so, why not bring in the seasoned Tebow? 

Christian Ponder produced a savvy highlight reel in his shortened season, but will that continue to grow?  Despite the injury that caused Ponder to miss the final two games of the season, his stats were decent for the rookie.  One can see his potential to be the quarterback of the future.


Why produce conflict among the quarterbacks?

The Minnesota Vikings need to develop a winning ethic.  That starts with a quarterback who can lead.  Tim Tebow stepped up in the time of need and lead the Broncos to the playoffs—a place the Vikings are desperate to return to.  Unfortunately, Minnesota has not added any pieces to contend for a playoff spot against the surging NFC North Division.

With the addition of Tim Tebow to the Vikings roster there are three positives.  First, the Vikings are not a playoff team, though Tebow would keep them relevant for fans and revenue.  Without Adrian Peterson for most of the upcoming season, the lack of excitement is apparent.  Obtaining Tebow will bring the frenzy to the chilly doorstep of Minnesota and generate a spark.

The second reason benefits Tebow.  The addition of the Broncos' quarterback to a non-playoff team would relieve pressure on Tebow and allow him to realize his potential.  Lastly, it would help Ponder grow into a leader.  Bring on the competition and let us see who is better for the Vikings—Ponder or Tebow?