Kyle Busch: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Pretty and Fast.

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IJanuary 15, 2009

No, he did not say that! But after hearing all the boooOoooing (that is how I spell lots of it), you'd think the guy killed somebody.

Kyle Busch's performance in all three NASCAR series defined the 2008 season; I don't think it was Jimmie Johnson's three-peat, do you?

He totally dominated the headlines in 2008, Tiger Woods-like, if you will, as he kept on winning in every series he drove in.

Then, as we all know in sports, there are always those fans hovering over like a Peruvian Condor, waiting for that moment of  failure so they can rip the flesh of the carcass (a bit dramatic but true, lol) and yet as Busch was in his downward spiral he was still the main story in NASCAR.

It's a shame many fans spend most of the season hating him, rather than enjoying one of the most amazing performances in all sports.

I wonder what will happened this year if he gets back to winning. Will the BOOooooing continue? You know, in a way, I hope it does, but this time I think he will take it to the end and win the whole thing.

So there, now BOOoohuuuuuuu.