Triple H Confirms Florida Championship Wrestling Is Not Closing

Joseph BarattaContributor IIIMarch 20, 2012

Numerous reports had recently surfaced that WWE was closing the doors for good on their developmental program known as Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

The news had surfaced unexpectedly on Monday, March 19. It would turn out that one day later, the reports of FCW's closure were just rumor. WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent, Paul Levesque (aka Triple H), states on that the company has no intention of shutting down its developmental program.

Triple H went on record to state:

“It is absolutely not true. FCW is not closing,” Triple H said. “I don’t know how the rumor started but I believe it’s a situation where the ‘dirt sheets’ want to believe they have the scoop on everything. If anything, we are in the process of ramping up our entire developmental system. It’s the lifeblood of our company. It’s what feeds our future and in no way are we going to close it down.”

Triple H gives the impression that the company actually has intentions of improving their developmental program:

WWE’s developmental system is being revamped, not shut down. If anything, it’s going to get bigger and better than ever. WWE Developmental cultivates the future talent of WWE. By no means is it going to get smaller or shut down.

So it would appear that FCW is not going anywhere at the time. But, as stated in the article, within the developmental program could be experiencing new changes.