Giants Have Some Things to Think about This Offseason

Marisa ScolamieroAnalyst IJanuary 15, 2009

A few days have passed since the Giants lost to the Eagles, and I'm sure many things are running through their minds. When teams lose a game they feel they should have won, they start playing the "what if game." This really is an exercise in futility, but it's done anyway.

Two big questions the Giants will be mulling over in the offseason will be what to do about Plaxico Burress and what kind of role Kevin Gilbride's play calling had in the loss.

Since Thanksgiving weekend when it was first announced that Burress shot himself in the leg while out at a club, the Giants have been dealing with all the negative press and being without their star receiver.

This guy was going on and on about a contract extension and more money, and then when his team gives it to him he goes out and acts irresponsibly. Not only did the injury keep him off the field, but it also created a lot of negative energy around the team.

Some will say that the Giants without Burress are not the same Giants, and I can't argue with that.

Burress has a certain swagger about him, which is why he is almost always covered with at least two guys when he's on the field. He has the ability to make the big plays, and what team wouldn't want that? Perhaps if he had been in the game on Sunday, the Giants would have been able to defeat Philly.

He also has the ability to cause trouble, which is exactly why he wasn't playing on Sunday.

For all his ability on the field, he is even more of a headache. That is why the Giants would do better if they parted ways with him. Maybe he has changed his ways, but there's always more of a risk that something like this will happen again.

Why pay a guy all that money if he's going to be such a liability?

As for Gilbride, I think his time with the Giants is over, and I hope Oakland takes him as their coach. It was his play calling that put the ball in Brandon Jacobs' hands only 19 times throughout the entire game.

After seeing that Eli wasn't making his passes, Gilbride never took advantage of using Jacobs, Ward, Bradshaw, and Boss in lieu of going to the air.

The players have to be the ones to complete the plays and make things happen, but it is the coach's job to adjust to the situations as they come up, and Gilbride didn't do that.

These are all things that the Giants are going to have to mull over in the offseason. They need to just cut their ties from Burress and move on from that entire situation. You don't want to start the season off with questions about how he'll be, if he's on any kind of probation, or anything else.

The start of a season needs to be about the team as a whole.

As for Gilbride, the Giants need to get rid of him one way or another. It's time for a change, and getting rid of him is a change that is definitely needed.