Keep Johan Santana Out of the World Baseball Classic

Ron GhilinoContributor IJanuary 15, 2009

I am not a fan of the World Baseball Classic (WBC). I understand that the WBC was created to drive international interest in baseball. All I can envision is a star player (or any player for that matter) getting hurt in a glorified exhibition game.

Johan Santana wants to play for Venezuela this year. MLB has become so diverse that many players never get to show their stuff for their home country. I understand the desire but disagree with putting yourself at risk for the WBC.

When a baseball player decides to commit to a major league team, for mega-bucks I might add, then that should be their sporting priority. For the length of your contract, you must allow your team to control your baseball life. Cheer for your home country and support those players, but don't give your MLB team grief for telling you to stay home and worry about the team that pays your salary.

The Mets season and future seasons depend heavily on a healthy Johan Santana. He had knee surgery after last season and has been going through intense rehab to be ready for the 2009 season...the 2009 MLB season. It is unacceptable to put yourself in a position that could cause you and your team problems.

Watch it on TV Johan and have a great 2009 for the Mets.