NFL Trade Speculation: 5 Teams That Make Most Sense for Tim Tebow

Alexander DiegelCorrespondent IIIMarch 21, 2012

NFL Trade Speculation: 5 Teams That Make Most Sense for Tim Tebow

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    Not long ago, I did a piece about the most untouchable asset from each team. For the Denver Broncos, I chose Tim Tebow.


    Arguably the greatest quarterback of all time becomes available, and suddenly everybody loses their mind. Peyton Manning has taken Tim Tebow's job, so what's next for Tebow? A handful of teams have come knocking already, but who will bring in the funky-armed Messiah? 

    Here are five teams that could make a deal for Tebow, complete with the percentage chance they pull the trigger. 

Green Bay Packers

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    The Green Bay Packers pride themselves on developing quarterbacks. Remember, Mike McCarthy is the man who told Brett Favre he was no longer welcome in Green Bay in favor of the untested Aaron Rodgers

    This very offseason, Green Bay likely could have received as high as a second-round pick for Matt Flynn, had he not been a free agent. So why wouldn't the Packers trade a fifth-round pick for the chance to develop Tim Tebow, who has everything you want from a quarterback? Except, you know, a quarterback's skill set.

    Tebow's rookie contract would keep him in Green Bay for two more seasons. Green Bay could show off the more-polished Tebow as a sub for a dinged-up Aaron Rodgers and at the end of the year should they blow through another regular season. Under the right set of circumstances, the Packers could trade Tebow for a price much higher than they gave up for him.

    However, there are likely teams that see Tebow as more than just a backup and thus would be willing to give the Denver Broncos better compensation. It's an interesting thought, but I don't see it.

    Chance Tebow lands in Green Bay: two percent

Miami Dolphins

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    It is no secret that Tim Tebow would love to play in Florida again. He is a hero in that state and would be an instant fan favorite who could do no wrong in the eyes of fans. The Miami Dolphins also need a quarterback. 

    The Dolphins took a swing at all three of the marquee free agent quarterbacks and struck out. Peyton Manning, Matt Flynn and Alex Smith all visited and all left without signing a contract. The Dolphins are now left with journeyman quarterbacks Matt Moore and David Garrard.

    However, the Dolphins' obvious need at quarterback actually works at a disadvantage to them. Given that he has a good chance of winding up as the team's starter, the Denver Broncos could push for a higher draft pick from a team like Miami. Would you offer a first-day pick for a quarterback who struggles to complete half of his passes? 

    Also, consider this: Miami's best offensive weapon, by far, is Reggie Bush. That is not a situation that would help out even the most polished of quarterbacks. Maybe that is why, as much as it seems like a perfect fit on first glance, the Dolphins are "unlikely" to trade for Tebow at this point.  

    Chances he lands in Miami: 18 percent

New England Patriots

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    Josh McDaniels is the man that made Tim Tebow a first-round pick and, in essence, is who the rest of us can blame for Tebowmania.

    McDaniels was fired as coach of the Denver Broncos before he could see his dream realized. Could he convince Bill Belichick to bring in his old project? It would not be a completely un-Belichickian move. Belichick uses his talents unconventionally, continually using wide receivers in the secondary, linemen as fullbacks and linebackers as tight ends. If there is one thing Tebow is, it is unconventional. 

    Tebow is practically a guarantee to pick up a short third or fourth down and is a bully in the red zone. Belichick will squeeze a competitive advantage out of any opportunity. It would not shock me if he likes the idea of using Tebow as a 250-lb, multiple-option battering ram.

    Chances Tebow lands in New England: 20 percent

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    The Jacksonville Jaguars are in a difficult position. The hero of Florida just became available, literally days after they signed a veteran quarterback with starting experience, Chad Henne. 

    Henne was brought in to compete and provide insurance for first-round pick Blaine Gabbert. A second-year first-rounder and a freshly-signed veteran starter makes for a crowded situation at quarterback to consider bringing in Tebow. 

    Still, for a team that struggles annually to sell tickets, an unconventional quarterback situation might be worth it. Besides, neither Gabbert nor Henne are exactly proven commodities, so that doesn't completely dismiss the idea of bringing in another former starter. 

    Chances he lands in Jacksonville: 29 percent

New York Jets

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    The New York Jets were in the Peyton Manning buzz. There were some thoughts they would bring in Chad Henne to push Mark Sanchez. Could Tim Tebow be the answer?

    As much as it does not make any sense at first glance, when you think about it, Tebow to the Jets makes perfect sense. The Jets had the league's worst locker room last season. Tebow is known as, if nothing else, a great locker room guy. Tebow is undeniably the best wildcat option in the NFL and New York just hired wildcat godfather Tony Sparano to be their offensive coordinator.

    The Jets also struggled in the red zone last season. Tebow is a red zone monster, where he has the highest touchdown percentage in the red zone of any quarterback in the last two seasons. 

    Most of all, the Mark Sanchez situation lends itself to a Tebow sighting in the Big Apple. There have been murmurs across the league that Sanchez is too comfortable as the Jets' starting quarterback and they should bring in a veteran to push him to maximize his talent.

    The popularity of Tebow (if not the skill set) would have to light a fire under Sanchez to work his tail off. Also, the nature of a relatively stable quarterback situation means the Jets would likely get Tebow for a low draft pick.  

    The Lefty Savior in the City That Never Sleeps? It could happen.  

    Chance he winds up in New York: 31 percent


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