Myron Rolle Is an Example to All

Kile EvansContributor IFebruary 19, 2017

Myron Rolle should be smiling. What is there not to be smiling about? He's coming off a huge bowl victory in the Champs Sports Bowl over Wisconsin. He just received his pre-med degree in just two-and-a-half years. Rolle also announced that instead of pursuing a career in the NFL, he will be going for his master's degree at Oxford.

I believe that Rolle should be an inspiration to all young kids.

In today's society, there is such a push for a person to become a professional athlete without looking to the future if they do not make it. Rolle shows us that there is still hope.  By choosing to continue his education, he shows future generations that nothing is a guarantee. He is making sure that even if he does not make the NFL, he will still be successful.

What can this show the next generation? Perhaps that you cannot guarantee anything, and it is always smart to have a back-up plan. Myron Rolle should be used as an example for everyone to study hard and that anything can be accomplished.

Myron Rolle, congratulations on everything you have accomplished, and good luck at Oxford.