What's in a Name? Pittsburgh Mayor Changes His for AFC Championship

Bryan HollisterAnalyst IJanuary 15, 2009

Pittsburgh, PA—Talk about backing your team.

In a show of solidarity with his city's football team, the Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has taken the extraordinary step of changing his name to show fans nationwide that he supports the Steelers.

No, he didn't change it to "Big Ben". The moniker that prompted the change is his last name.

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl officially changed his name at city hall yesterday to, you guessed it, Luke STEELERStahl. He wanted to ensure that no one made the mistake that he somehow supported the Steelers' AFC Championship opponent, the Baltimore Ravens, in the upcoming contest.

The change won't be permanent, though. His name will revert to the original on Monday.

I guess fan support only goes so far.

Still pretty cool if you ask me.

Go Steelers!