The Best 25 Moments on the Ultimate Fighter

Jake MartinCorrespondent IIIMarch 20, 2012

The Best 25 Moments on the Ultimate Fighter

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    If it wasn't for The Ultimate Fighter, there would be no UFC.

    Because of the success of the reality series and epic war between Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts rose from obscurity to one of the fastest growing sports of all time.

    The fight between Griffin and Bonnar in 2005 was so good that it drew in 3.3 million viewers on Spike, and the rest is history. Fast forward 15 seasons, and TUF has given fans multiple memorable moments.

    From fighters getting into altercations with one another to classic encounters between the coaches to great action inside the Octagon, the series has provided so much entertainment over the years.

    Of all of those memorable moments, these are the 25 greatest in the history of The Ultimate Fighter.

25. (TUF 14) Fight Announcement Scuffle

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    Jason "Mayhem" Miller's team won the first four fights on The Ultimate Fighter's Season 14, and the tension started to rise between him and coach Michael Bisping, along with both teams.

    After pranks inside the house went horribly wrong, Dustin Neace and Akira Corassani began to feud. Once their fight was announced, it turned into a brawl.

    Once they were separated, Miller pushed Bisping, and the coaches had words with one another. If only the fight between Miller and Bisping would have been as good as their banter on the show.

24. Guillard Pranks White (TUF 2)

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    Over the years of the reality series, UFC president Dana White has had to face fighters who aren't mentally tough enough to deal with staying in the house and becoming a fighter. 

    On the second season of TUF, Melvin Guillard came in and told White that he no longer wanted to be on the show, and the look on White's face was priceless.

    After White nearly had a heart attack, Guillard told him he was joking, and it made for one of the more humerous moments of the series.

23. Josh Koscheck vs. a Male Nurse (TUF 12)

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    Of all of the action seen on the 12th season of The Ultimate Fighter, Josh Koscheck owning a male nurse was definitely one of the highlights.

    The dialogue between the two kept referring back to Koscheck calling him "a male nurse, bro," until Koscheck decided he had enough of the guy.

    Koscheck walked over to him, and put his hand on his throat. Thankfully, Koscheck didn't require any medical attention during the season.

22. Matt Serra Avenges His Loss to Shonie Carter (TUF 4)

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    One of my favorite seasons of The Ultimate Fighter was the "comeback" season, where they featured fighters that were already in the UFC, and the winner would get a shot at the welterweight champion.

    This of course was the season that allowed Matt Serra to fight Georges St-Pierre for the welterweight championship and pull off one of the biggest upsets in UFC history.

    But before Serra had that opportunity, he had to face the guy that defeated him by introducing the world to the spinning backfist at UFC 31. Both fighters knew they were eventually going to face each other, and when they did, Shonie Carter was able to hit Serra with another spinning backfist.

    It didn't lead to a stoppage this time though, and Serra was able to avenge his previous loss.

21. Matt Serra vs. Marc Laimon (TUF 4)

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    Listen up keyboard warriors, because Matt Serra's message to Marc Laimon could apply it.

    MMA coach Laimon basically talked down about Royce Gracie, and Serra took it upon himself to confront Laimon about it.

    It ended up getting heated between both guys, as Serra pointed to the fact that Laimon wasn't a fighter and could talk without putting anything on the line. It was basically an anti-troll speech.

20. Nate Diaz and Cole Miller Prank War (TUF 5)

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    Nate Diaz and Cole Miller's prank war was hilarious.

    After getting punched by Diaz in his sleep, Miller decided to exact some revenge and spray silly string all over Diaz's bed. This led to both guys wrestling and throwing each other's beds into the pool.

    Both guys shook hands and called a truce, but then Diaz decided to wait until Miller fell asleep to strike again. Diaz poured ice cold water on him followed by white powder. In other words, he got antiqued. 

19. James McSweeney and Zak Jensen Brawl in House (TUF 10)

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    James McSweeney pulled a prank on Zak Jensen by locking him in the bathroom, and the prank did not go over smoothly.

    Jensen came out of the bathroom ready to rumble, and McSweeney put him in his place.

    McSweeney put Jensen in a standing guillotine, and what followed was some unpleasant gurgling sounds.

18. Upper Decker (TUF 6)

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    For those that don't know what an "upper decker" is, it's when someone "drops a deuce" in the toilet tank.

    Team Serra decided to prank Team Hughes with it, and as you imagined, it didn't go over too smoothly.

    Jared Rollins kicked in the door, and after knocking Jon "War Machine" Koppenhaver's hat off, war machine decided to go for the double leg.

    The fight was broken up, but only on TUF would you see two guys getting into it over an "upper decker." Quality television right there.

17. Rampage Jackson vs. Titties (TUF 10)

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    Throughout the 10th season of TUF, Darrill Schoonover, A.K.A. "Titties," was picked on by Rampage Jackson.

    Jackson gave him his nickname, and constantly picked on him, until Schoonover decided he had enough.

    Schoonover told Jackson that he would cut weight and "kick his ass," and that's all Jackson needed to hear to get into it with him.

16. Kendall Grove vs. Ed Herman (TUF 3)

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    Kendall Grove won the third season, but he had to go through a tough Ed Herman to get the contract.

    Grove and Herman battled it out in the finale in a great fight that saw both fighters give everything they had.

    Grove was awarded the unanimous decision victory, and therefore won the third season.

15. Bisping "Only Makes You Look More Like an Asshole" Speech (TUF 14)

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    This is one of the better speeches in TUF history.

    Following the fight announcement brawl, Michael Bisping decided to give Jason "Mayhem" Miller's team a speech about how to conduct themselves without looking "like an asshole."

    Miller's face during Bisping's speech was priceless.

14. Leben Loses His Cool (TUF 1)

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    After Josh Koscheck and Bobby Southworth spray a drunk Chris Leben with a water hose following Southworth calling him a fatherless bastard, Leben flipped the switch.

    He broke the glass on the front door, and then he punched a hole in Forrest Griffin's door and knocked it down.

    Don't get it twisted—Leben was the original "bad boy" when it comes to The Ultimate Fighter.

13. James Vick's Knee (TUF 15)

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    It's only two episodes old, but it's already provided one of the more memorable moments in TUF history.

    Entering his fight with Daron Cruickshank, James Vick was a heavy underdog and after getting brutalized with some vicious spinning back kicks, Vick pulled off an incredible upset.

    Cruickshank instigated a quick takedown and ate a nasty knee that left him laying unconscious. Vick's teammates erupted.

12. Efrain Escudero Beats Junie Browning (TUF 8)

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    Out of all of the contestants that's ever been on The Ultimate Fighter, there has never been a more controversial figure than Junie Browning.

    Browning had anger issues, always started fights in the house and was always getting drunk on the show. In other words, he was a nuisance.

    He met Efrain Escudero in the semifinals, and with the entire house backing Escudero, Escudero defeated Browning.

11. Tommy Spear Pulls off Biggest Upset in TUF History (TUF 6)

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    In the semifinals, Tommy Spear met George Sotiropoulos, and everyone expected Sotiropoulos to steamroll over him.

    Sotiropoulos was one of the favorites on the show, and rightfully so, because he and Mac Danzig are by far the most successful contestants from this season.

    Spear dropped Sotiropoulos with a right hand and pounded on him to get the knockout and the insane upset.

10. B.J. Penn Makes the Fighters Pick Sides (TUF 5)

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    Before the season even began between B.J. Penn and Jens Pulver, it was wacky.

    When both coaches were supposed to pick teams, Penn threw a curveball. He told the fighters to raise their hand if they wanted to be on his team, and nearly every fighter raised their hand.

    It was funny, creative and it allowed him to get inside Pulver's head before the season ever took off.

9. Diego Brandao vs. Dennis Bermudez Fight at (TUF 14) Finale

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    The finale on last season's TUF between Diego Brandao and Dennis Bermudez was awesome.

    Brandao was a heavy favorite, but Bermudez came ready to shock the MMA world, and nearly shock it he did.

    With less than a minute left in the first round, Bermudez dropped Brandao and laid in some heavy ground-n-pound. Brandao kept his wits and was able to pull off a senstational armbar with 11 seconds left in the round.

    It was utter chaos, and it was beautiful.

8. Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock Go at It (TUF 3)

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    Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock verbally sparring with one another is pure comedy.

    Ortiz knows exactly how to push Shamrock's buttons, and this time it nearly errupted into a brawl between the two.

    Ortiz kept teasing Shamrock until both teams had to hold Shamrock back from getting to him.

7. Chris Leben vs. Kenny Florian and the Aftermath (TUF 1)

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    The fight between Chris Leben and Kenny Florian is exactly what MMA is all about.

    Leben and Florian went to war with one another, and after Florian cut a nasty gash on Leben, he was given the victory via doctor's stoppage.

    After the fight, both guys laughed with each other and showed one another the ultimate respect.

6. Not on the Concrete (TUF 5)

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    Although the backyard brawl between Marlon Sims and Noah Thomas epitamizes what this sport is not about, it still made for some very entertaining television.

    It was basically the most technical street fight in history. Thomas threw a head kick at one point, and he was trying to pull off submissions throughout the fight.

    The fight came to a hault when Thomas put Sims in an armbar and Sims lifted him up and smashed his head on the concrete. Pretty epic stuff right there.

5. Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida (TUF 9) Finale

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    The fight between Diego Sanchez and Clay Guida took place in the main event of season nine's Ultimate Finale, and it stole the show.

    The fight started out with both fighters throwing an onslaught of punches, and Sanchez pushed the pace with his flying knees.

    It was an incredible fight, and Sanchez was awarded with the decision victory.

4. Live Format (TUF 15)

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    Fans had complained in the past couple of seasons that the show was starting to get stale, so the UFC came up with a way to fix that--the live format.

    Instead of the fights being prerecorded, they're live on FX, and it makes the show so much better.

    Just seeing Phil Davis and Dominick Cruz's team react to James Vick's knee live was so thrilling, and the live format is exactly what the reality series needed to stay great.

3. Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evans Staredown (TUF 10)

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    The staredown between Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans during the 10th season gave me chills.

    After bantering back-and-forth, they both got in each other's face and things got real quiet, almost two quiet.

    Both guys eyed each other, as Evans was taunting Jackson by saying "throw it" and "let it happen." It was as tense of a moment that there's ever been in the UFC.

2. "The Speech" (TUF 1)

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    "Do you want to be a f****** fighter?"

    In the first season, UFC president Dana White gave the fighters a pep talk that they would never forget, and if White can't get you fired up, then no one can.

    The fighters didn't realize that they weren't going to get paid for fighting with little time in between due to the tournament format, and White basically asked them if they wanted to be a fighter.

    Not only did it pump the fighters up, but it introduced an audience to the UFC's president in such a way that they'd never forget. And Dana's been Dana ever since.

1. Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar (TUF 1)

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    Nothing will ever outdo the Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin war when it comes to The Ultimate Fighter.

    In fact, there might not be anything in UFC history that will ever top it as far as importance goes.

    Like I mentioned in the intro slide, this was the fight that gave the UFC life, and it's been thriving ever since.

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