The Tennessee Volunteers: Are They Really That Good?

Eric DormanAnalyst IFebruary 26, 2008


The Tennessee Volunteers came into their game last Saturday night ranked 2nd in the nation.  Memphis was a tough team to beat on their home court.  Bruce Pearl coached Tennessee to its first ever No. 1 ranking. Now Tennessee is number one.  The big qustion that remains is... can the Volunteers hold the number one position?

Yes, they can.  From my opinion, on Saturday Tennessee looked very strong shooting from the perimeter and Chris Lofton seemed unstoppable in the second half. With Bruce Pearl winning against Memphis the other question that remains is ... is Bruce Pearl following a trend among SEC coaches? The Memphis Tigers on the other hand are still not out of the No.1 seed, but North Carolina is ahead of them, ranked 2nd in the nation. Febuary losses are never fatal. Ten of the past 11 national title winners lost at least once in the shortest month.

On Tuesday night the Volunteers will travel to visit Vanderbilt and it will be Tennessee's first game being ranked number one in the country. Vandy will have to try and guard Lofton extremely well if they want any chance of beating the Volunteers. Vandy will also have to find open teammates on the perimeter, in order to gain any advantage they can. Vandy has a talented group of shooters on their squad and I don't think they will pass up an opportunity like this one of possibly beating their SEC rival and beating the number one team in the country.