The Seattle Mariners Hopes To See Josh Fields in Peoria

Hayato UwaiCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2009

The Seattle Mariners hopes to see future closer Josh Fields at the spring training (in Peoria, AZ), if Fields signs by then.

The Mariners drafted former Georgia closer on 20th pick in the first round. The Mariners offered $1.5 million contract, but Fields' agent Scott Boras apparently kicked all offers from the Mariners and asked them to offer $2 million.

The contract talk stopped, and Fields will head to the draft again, if the Mariners fail to sign him by the end of May.

New general manager Jack Zduriencik talked with Boras in Las Vegas and last week and said that Boras has been "very gracious in our discussions of late."

If Fields heads back to the draft in June, the Mariners would get 21st overall for compensation, along with second overall pick and the 28th overall pick from the Phillies on Raul Ibanez signing.

The Mariners also received supplemental draft choice, which will be 34th overall. This means that missing out on Fields would give the Mariners four picks in the first 34 picks. But I'd rather take Fields over 21st overall pick.

Fields wanted to play as soon as the draft ended last year. He would signed any contract, but Boras advised Fields not to do so. As of now, Fields is away from baseball about seven months.

Fields would be a future closer for the Mariners after two or three years in minor league. He would be just like how Putz was, when he was in Seattle. The Mariners should sign him prior to the date, when pitchers/catchers report to Peoria, AZ.