NFL Predictions: The Denver Broncos Won't Be Trading Tim Tebow in 2012

Brandon BurnettContributor IIIMarch 20, 2012

FOXBORO, MA - JANUARY 14:  Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos looks on against the New England Patriots during their AFC Divisional Playoff Game at Gillette Stadium on January 14, 2012 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The Peyton Manning era is merely a signature away from kicking off in Denver, leaving Tim Tebow and his faithful followers out in the cold.

So, what's in store for Tebow-Mania?

Not much, if you ask me.

Shortly after Manning made his decision, a league source reported that the Broncos will be exploring trade options for the 25-year-old Tebow.

But for those who truly know the NFL, that doesn't mean much. Don't be too surprised if Denver fails to relocate Tebow-Nation anytime soon.

I will admit this, John Elway is one smart fella. Even though Peyton's reported 5-year, $96 Million deal was by no means a bargain—Elway and the Broncos managed to sneak out of the Tebow era relatively unscathed.

Despite Tebow becoming one of the NFL's top success stories in 2011, Denver still wasn't quite convinced he was the long term answer—but they had no better option at the time. But how can you bail on the guy that just helped you win the AFC West and win a playoff game without tarnishing your image?

You can't, unless you sign a sure-fire Hall Of Fame QB to ease the transition.

Peyton Manning, the perfect diversion. 

Really, how many NFL fans are talking about the fact that Elway basically promised the 2012 starting spot to Tebow after last season's accomplishments? 

Elway knows the Broncos need a reliable backup plan if Manning goes down again.
Elway knows the Broncos need a reliable backup plan if Manning goes down again.Marc Serota/Getty Images

Not many, if any at all. But why not?

Because Peyton Manning is headed to Denver, duh!

And you can totally make a case that the Broncos at least owe it to Tebow to trade him and give him the opportunity to further his NFL career in another city.

But until Manning and the Broncos finalize their deal, Adam Weber is the only quarterback currently on the active roster, outside of Tebow.

That's right, Adam Weber.

The undrafted rookie signed with the Broncos in 2011 and his only NFL experience outside of the practice squad is a single preseason pass—just one.

Do Bronco fans trust someone so unproven if the soon to be 36-year-old Manning gets injured again?

I wouldn't.

Sure, Elway and co. may look to the NFL draft in hopes of finding a backup, potentially one to take over at QB when Manning retires. But this year's QB class is front-loaded with talent, and guys like Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill won't be available when Denver is on the clock.

After those three, the QB cupboard is looking pretty bare.

Is it in Tebow's best interest to move elsewhere and compete for a starting job? Of course.

But it isn't his choice.

Elway can take all the calls he wants from potential Tebow suitors, but I'm fairly confident no NFL franchise will cough up more than a fourth- or fifth-round pick for a guy who completed 46.5 percent of his passes in 2011 and finished with a QB rating of 72.9. 

Tebow may have made some spectacular plays, but he made even more mistakes—and proved just how far away he is from being a long-term quarterback solution for any NFL team.

Denver has a young, talented defensive unit that greatly assisted Tebow in 2011 and didn't receive nearly enough credit. 

I just don't see any NFL franchise willing to give the Broncos the value they feel Tebow is worth.

With that said, I believe Tebow will be riding the pine behind Peyton in Denver, for at least this year.

Your thoughts?


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