Free Agency: 5 Moves the Denver Broncos Must Make after Signing Peyton Manning

Austin Quick@@AustinQuickBRContributor IIIMarch 20, 2012

Free Agency: 5 Moves the Denver Broncos Must Make after Signing Peyton Manning

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    It seemed as if the Peyton Manning saga would never end. Bronco fans can rejoice now that Peyton Manning is officially their quarterback after signing a five-year $96 million dollar contract.

    A five-year deal may seem a little excessive for a 36-year-old quarterback, but ask John Elway and Peyton Manning, you can't put a price tag on a Super Bowl.The NFL better take notice, because the Denver Broncos are just a couple moves away from being a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

    Here are the five moves that the Denver Broncos must make to become Super Bowl contenders this year.

Get Rid of Tim Tebow at All Costs

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    I like Tim Tebow, don't get me wrong, but he simply cannot be a Denver Bronco during the 2012 season.

    Tebow rejuvenated a fanbase and a franchise this past season, but his presence in Denver would be a major distraction for the team.

    Elway, Fox and Co. signed Manning to come in and win a Super Bowl, which is something that Tebow is not capable of right now. The franchise simply cannot have a part of the fanbase calling for Tebow whenever Manning loses a game.

    Tebow is a great guy, but the sideshow that comes along with him will be detrimental to the Denver Broncos.

    Whether the Broncos get a mid-round pick for Tebow or have to flat out cut him, Tim Tebow will NOT be a Denver Bronco is 2012.

Bring in Some Ex-Colts

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    Peyton Manning ran the most complex offensive system in the NFL during his years with Indianapolis. From the sound of things he will be bringing that offense with him to Denver.

    Not only can some former Colts, such as Jeff Saturday, Dallas Clark and Jacob Tamme, come in and contribute to the team, they can help some of the other young offensive offensive players learn this complex system.

    I could see the Broncos adding the three aforementioned Colts and possibly even Joseph Addai to go along with them.

    Signing some of these Ex-Colts players are a win-win for the Broncos.

Place an Offer on Restricted Free-Agent Mike Wallace

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    The Steelers are up against the cap and will have a hard time retaining Mike Wallace if another team places an offer sheet on the stud wide receiver.

    Mike Wallace is exactly the type of wide receiver that the Broncos are missing.

    They have a multi-talented receiver in Demaryius Thomas, they have a great slot possession receiver in Eric Decker, but the one thing that they are missing is a speedy receiver that stretches defenses vertically.

    Denver would have to give up its first-round pick, but Mike Wallace would most likely offer the best return for pick No. 25 anyways.

    Wallace would also likely cost less than the other two big free-agent signings this offseason in Pierre Garcon and Vincent Jackson.

Sign Stephen Tulloch

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    The middle of the Broncos defense is suspect and is in need of an upgrade. Luckily for the Broncos, the best free-agent middle linebacker is still on the market.

    Stephen Tulloch is an absolute monster at middle linebacker, and the Broncos must look into the possibility of signing him.

    The addition of Tulloch would instantly make the Broncos' linebacking corps one of the best in the NFL. If Tulloch comes down on his contract demands a little bit, I wouldn't be surprised to see him in a Broncos uniform next fall.

Draft the Best Running Back Available in the 2nd Round

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    Lamar Miller, David Wilson and Doug Martin are all first-round talents at running back that will likely fall into the second round due to the value of the position.

    Willis McGahee is nearing the end of his career and really deteriorated down the stretch. Denver must add a running back in the draft, and the second round seems like the round to do it.

    Each of the aforementioned running backs bring a special skill set to the table, and each one of them would be an excellent addition for the Broncos.

    Personally I would like to see Lamar Miller at this selection, but chances are he will not be available at Denver's pick.

    Doug Martin is the most realistic possibility. Martin is a small, stocky yet speedy three-down back. He was ultra-productive at Boise State and could have a Ray Rice-type impact on a team.