WrestleMania 28: John Cena and The Rock Will Fall Flat in Main Event

Tom KinslowFeatured ColumnistMarch 31, 2012

It has been a year in the making, and the wait for the main event between John Cena and The Rock will only add to wrestling fans' disappointment once WrestleMania 28 is in the books.

This is the supposed match of a lifetime, but if what we saw in The Rock's tag match at Survivor Series is any indication of what we can expect, this will be a mediocre match with an even more lackluster finish. The ugly truth is that there is no finish that can satisfy a majority of WWE fans. If John Cena wins, people will be furious that he got over on one of the company's icons in his hometown.

If it's the People's Champ with his hand raised, people will be confused as to why someone who isn't a WWE regular got such a push when he will inevitably return to Hollywood to focus on his movie career.

The WWE is in a lose-lose situation, especially in terms of how long they have building to this moment. We have never seen anything like this in the modern era of wrestling, and the expectations are going to be huge for this match. Inevitably, The Rock cannot step into the ring and be the same type of performer he once was.

He is a step slow and a second late in terms of his timing in the ring, and Cena is going to have to carry most of that match. That is where Cena's matches always fall short and will inevitably lose most of the crowd. As much as the WWE wants us to believe that this is just like when The Rock took on Hulk Hogan, most fans know better.

Yes, it's a spectacle, and that's what WrestleMania is all about, but with all of the hype, and all of the awkward, lackluster talk around this match, fans are going to need something truly special to salvage a wasted year, and it won't happen.

The WWE dug their own grave when they booked this match a year away from the event, and clearly ran out of gas as they tried to promote it around The Rock's movie schedule. Furthermore, it slowed down Cena's career, as there was only so much the company could do with him as they built towards this supposedly monumental match.

The entire night will be building to this clash of WWE legends and sadly, it's going to disappoint, leaving fans wondering why the company tried to shove this match down our throats for an entire year.

Hopefully, when it's all said and done, the WWE will have learned a lesson, and the fans will never have to deal with this type of needless hype again.