Tim Tebow Trade Rumors: Why Trading for Tebow Would Be Epic Mistake for Packers

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Tim Tebow Trade Rumors: Why Trading for Tebow Would Be Epic Mistake for Packers
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Tim Tebow's time in Denver is finished. That is old news by now.

The new news is where Tebow may be playing in 2012. According to Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter of ESPN, that place may be with the Green Bay Packers.

Let's collectively put an end to this ridiculous talk right now. If Green Bay's front office decides to trade for Tebow, it would be the most epic mistake in the history of the franchise. That's right, more epic than drafting Tony Mandarich or the handling of Brett Favre's final offseason.

Let me ask this one important question: What would be the exact benefit of trading for Tebow? It clearly wouldn't be to provide Aaron Rodgers a quality backup, as Tebow can barely throw a football. It also couldn't be to boost the most potent offense in the NFL.

The truth is that there is absolutely no benefit. All that trading for Tebow would bring is a massive headache. People would constantly be talking about Tebow, even though all he'd be doing is holding a clipboard.

When Rodgers threw his first interception of the 2012 season, Tebow's intense followers would be screaming that now is the time to put Tebow on the field. We saw it in Denver, and we saw how quickly John Elway wanted to wash his hands of it.

Would he increase revenue and ticket sales? Sure, that is a given, but that isn't the Green Bay way. We might expect this type of move to sell tickets and increase profits by Jerry Jones, but not the wholesome, publicly-owned Packers.

The fact that Green Bay would even consider giving up something, and it doesn't matter if that something is a seventh-round pick, is crazy. He isn't worth it. He isn't worth anything to the Packers.

So, please, please stop mentioning Tim Tebow and the Green Bay Packers in the same sentence. It is a ridiculous and pointless notion that needs to be dismissed instantly.

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