Randy Orton To Main Event Wrestlemania 25: The Legend Killer's Date With Destiny

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJanuary 15, 2009

Rarely in the world of Sports Entertainment does an opportunity align in such perfect fashion. With Wrestlemania 25 just around the corner, WWE fans can look forward to the very real possibility of seeing the best main event the WWE can provide.

Randy Orton has had one heck of a year. The dominance he displayed during the "Age of Orton" came to a tragic end when he lost the WWE Championship to Triple H at Backlash. I'm fairly certain that the belt was taken off of Orton due to some poor behavior he had during a European tour where he threw a food tray in a hotel hallway.

As if that wasn't bad enough, he suffered a real-life broken collarbone in his match against Triple H at One Night Stand.

He has since come back fresher than ever and has been involved in some of the best storylines the WWE has had in recent months.

It was Randy Orton who took CM Punk out of title contention. What happened to CM Punk's push?

Answer, Orton's sheer presence alone was enough to overshadow Punk's momentum, the company decided to move in another direction.

He has gone on to completely take Batista out of the picture (kayfabe of course), but relevant to his character's progression.

He ended up smack-dab in the middle of the Kane/Kelly Kelly storyline and has currently been working hard on the unpredictable and intriguing storyline involving his "Legacy".

Such momentum can not go without notice. Although Orton might lose matches here an there, his push has never been more evident. The WWE has bigger things in store for Orton and we will hopefully get a glimpse of those plans at the Royal Rumble.

Almost never does a heel win the Rumble. "Why?" One might ask.

Because the winner of the Rumble (almost) always goes on to win a major World Title at Wrestlemania. The blatant babyface favoritism prevents the WWE from allowing great heels to build momentum through the Rumble and having it culminate with a title victory at "the grandest stage of them all".

Yeah, sometimes they let the heel walk away with a title-retention (Randy Orton anyone?), but they simply never seem to allow a heel to gain that much momentum. They would rather pacify the majority of WWE fans who cheer exactly who they are instructed too (with the exception of Cena).

Thus, you see the results of almost every Wrestlemania's final match.

But this year is different. I say, it's a year for change. If the WWE wants to shock people and inject their programing with even a fraction of the unpredictability they once provided on a regular basis, I say have Randy Orton win the Royal Rumble.

With or without the help of the Legacy, I really do not care because the best man should win and right now the best man is Orton. I'm certain there can be many arguments made in the favor of guys like Triple H, Undertaker, or Shawn Michaels, but that's the beauty of subjective fanship.

Orton's victory at the Rumble should also coincide with the elevating dominance of his Legacy. The result of such things should culminate with a Randy Orton vs. John Cena main event at Wresltemania 25.

I've always (and still do) feel that this rivalry has the potential to be this generation's "Rock vs. Austin". They should continue to build off the already solid foundation the two have built and turn this rivalry into the "dream-match" WWE fans are craving.

You could argue that they've already main evented Wrestlemania together, but no one complained when we saw The Rock and Steve Austin go at it twice, did we?

I'll go out even further on a limb and say that not only should Orton face Cena for the title at Wrestlemania but he should win as well. Not just as the "Raw Main-Event" but as the main event of the entire show.

For once, the WWE should give us something unpredictable and ignore their prior misconceptions of what a Wrestlemania main event should be.

Hopefully, they do so in the proper fashion but either way you look at it, Wrestlemania 25 will be Randy Orton's date with destiny.