WrestleMania 28 Results: The Rock Defeats John Cena in Electrifying WWE Match

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistApril 1, 2012

After one year of hype, arguably the most anticipated match in WWE history ended with The Rock walking out of WrestleMania victorious against John Cena

This was the match that fans were going to talk about. It had that special WrestleMania feel that is so rare nowadays. Sure, Undertaker and Triple H did a fine job with the Hell In a Cell match, but we have seen that match at this event two times before. 

The Rock vs. Cena was something new and fresh. It featured the biggest star of this era in wrestling taking on one of the biggest stars during the most successful period in WWE history. 

These two had all the pressure in the world heaped upon their shoulders. Even the venue the match took place put a lot on these two stars, because Rock was wrestling his first singles match since 2003 in front of his hometown crowd in Miami. 

The audience was going to be eating out of the palm of Rock's hands and vehemently against anything Cena did. It was an easy way to generate heat for the match, but they still had to perform to keep the crowd on their side. 

Considering the pressure Rock and Cena were under, this match was a huge success. There might be some resentment having Rock win the match, because he isn't a full-time wrestler anymore, but unless he has no designs on wrestling again, which doesn't seem likely, it's a move that you can justify. 

Plus, the fact that everyone bought this show to see Rock win made it the only logical choice. He was the returning hero, fighting in front of his people, ready to bring back an era of wrestling that left a long time ago. It was the right call to have him win. 

Cena will actually be elevated because of his performance against Rock. It's not like wins and losses mean anything in WWE anyway, so all he had to do was put on a performance worthy of the WrestleMania main event. He did exactly what he was supposed to do, and everyone went home happy. 

Rock proved he can still electrify and entertain a crowd like no one in WWE today. WrestleMania was his stage, and he handled it better than expected. 

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