Lord Tensai: News, Rumors and Spoilers on Newest WWE Star

Tim Daniels@TimDanielsBRFeatured ColumnistMarch 20, 2012

The WWE began airing promos for a new superstar named Lord Tensai during Monday Night RAW last night, which sent fans into a frenzy to confirm his identity. Any time the company shows these teasers, the Internet blows up with different rumors and speculation.

Richard Gray of Wrestling News World provides the details about Tensai, who turns out to be somebody fans of the Attitude Era will remember:

Tensai is actually Matthew Bloom and his signing was a topic of conversation backstage at this weekend’s live events. Bloom has spent the past six years with New Japan Pro Wrestling working as Giant Bernard and was in WWE during the Attitude Era as A-Train.

If you don't remember A-Train, Bloom also played Prince Albert during his first stint with the company. He became a star in Japan, which apparently impressed the WWE enough to bring him back for another run with a new Japanese gimmick.

Even though all signs point to Bloom, he continues to use Twitter in an attempt to deny the rumors. Chris Jericho used the same tactic before his return as he tried to throw fans off the trail, but most fans didn't buy his story either.

Huh? RT @SAM15H: @GiantBernard Great to see u again in the @WWE .. so existed :)

— Matthew Bloom (@GiantBernard) March 20, 2012

His return comes at the perfect time. Since there's so much hype surrounding WrestleMania, concerns were raised about the company's ability to maintain viewership after the year's biggest event ends. Especially since The Rock won't be hanging around.

Adding a new character to the mix should help keep fans engaged instead of seeing a gigantic drop off. By starting to preview his debut early, the WWE Universe will have no other choice but to tune in to see how Bloom's new character develops.

Usually they don't put so much effort into a pre-build unless the creative team is going to elevate the new superstar quickly. So, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Lord Tensai make a rapid rise once he debuts.

It's always nice to get some fresh faces in the mix after WrestleMania because the same group of superstars have been featured for a couple months.

Hopefully, Bloom is given enough time to properly build the Tensai character and isn't overused too quickly.

The WWE seems to be bringing a lot of Attitude Era wrestlers back into the fold, and you can't blame them based on how successful that period of time was. They just have to be sure not to overdo it.

All told, Tensai will be a welcome addition that should spice things up a bit.