Breaking Down the Miami Dolphins' QB Quandary

Kevin RyanContributor IIIMarch 20, 2012


I'll have to admit it, Mr. Stephen Ross, you had fooled us all.

You were really a genius, and nobody knew. You had a plan after all, and despite all the negativity, all the mud-slinging and the negativity over the media, there it was, coming over the airwaves: "The Miami Dolphins have signed a new quarterback..."

And I began to think of this positive article I was going to write.

For you see, earlier in the day I had heard Peter King's report that the Dolphins were still in the running for Alex Smith, and I was of the mindset that the owner had pulled off quite the maneuver.

Let me explain:


Fantasy: The Dolphins lose out on the Peyton Manning sweepstakes.

Fact: The Dolphins were never in the running for the man.

Who's to say the exact reason that Manning was not interested in Miami, but the Dolphins' financial situation was not nearly enough to compete with a team like the Denver Broncos. Aside from the fact it just wasn't going to happen and was outside of the control of Ross.

While I'm on the subject, let me say, definitively, I don't want Manning.

Yeah, you heard me right. The reason? Why pay a guy like he is healthy and in his prime when he is not, and he is not. Good luck, Denver. Better win the Super Bowl quickly.


Fantasy: The Dolphins lose out on the Matt Flynn "sweepstakes."

My take: The Dolphins win the Matt Flynn sweepstakes by not overpaying for an inexperienced player.

Fact: The jury is still out on this one. Check back after awhile, yeah?

"The Miami Dolphins have signed a new quarterback..."

Right about this time, I start liking the new era. Well, no, that's not quite right. I'm still angry that they only get two third-rounders for Brandon Marshall, and why trade him away so quickly? Why not put him on the block or trade him for a conditional draft pick, but I digress....

So, I am not happy, but I feel I am about to be from the broadcast. The resolution of the Dolphin's quarterback secret-identity-crises is about to be proclaimed! And good for Miami- I am totally an Alex Smith guy. I also like Matt Moore, and, at that time, I am of the mindset to go ahead and have them both, and suddenly the team owns the No. 9 passer and the No. 12 passer from last year. (I mean, we are not going to get Drew Brees, Peyton Manning or anybody on that level, so the No. 9- and No. 12-rated passers look good to me.)

Also, for all of you Alex Smith haters out there, please consider that this man accounted for 25 touchdowns last year )rushing and receiving, including the playoffs) while throwing for only five—count 'em—five interceptions.

Stephen Ross was about to win a hand at the free-agency poker table. He hadn't won much so far, but he still had most of his chips in hand.

"The Dolphins have signed their new quarterback: David Garrard."


Oh no, say it ain't so. Please, readers, someone write me and tell me it was definitive that Alex Smith wasn't going to sign with the Dolphins.

Why would you sign Garrard with Smith still undecided? Did you clear cap space to sign him by dropping safety Yeremiah Bell? Say it ain't so. One of the leaders on a team that truly needs them? (Bell will probably sign with the Patriots.)

I've heard one theory that the Dolphins will still pursue Smith. That's great! So, if Smith signs, then what do you do with Garrard? Have him compete with Matt Moore for second string and further ostracize a guy who was one of their other leaders toward the end of last year?

Nice going, guys.

The proverbial poker game, as I call it, being the offseason competition that it is, is winding down. You haven't lost that many chips yet, but you haven't won any either, and you better draw some great cards between now and opening day to salvage this season and perhaps this era.