50 Players Most Hated by Their Own Fanbases in NFL History

Tony Santorsa@@TonySantorsaSenior Writer IIMarch 21, 2012

50 Players Most Hated by Their Own Fanbases in NFL History

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    When you're an NFL player, you likely have a ton of fans, but more likely than not, you have a ton of haters.

    In these players' cases, most of their haters came right from their team's fanbase.

    For instance, Albert Haynesworth is a guy that is hated everywhere and is most hated by the fans of the team that he happened to play for at that certain time.

    With that being said, let's take a look at 50 players most hated by their own fanbases in NFL history. 

JaMarcus Russell

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    When JaMarcus Russell was a member of the Oakland Raiders, not too many fans liked him. 

    Why? Because he was a big-time bust.

    He was the first overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft and was so immature that he never developed into a legitimate NFL quarterback. 

Bo Jackson

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    For the short period of time when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Bo Jackson first overall in the 1986 NFL draft, no member of the Bucs fanbase liked him. 

    Jackson refused to play for the Bucs and decided to sign with the Kansas City Royals to play baseball rather than to play for Tampa Bay. 

Matt Leinart

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    Matt Leinart came into the NFL as the 10th overall pick in the 2006 draft, as he was one of the most successful quarterbacks in NCAA history. 

    So what did Leinart do? He failed to be the franchise quarterback that the Arizona Cardinals hoped he would be and ultimately turned out to be a complete bust and a utter waste of talent. 

Larry Johnson

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    Larry Johnson wasn't all that popular with the Kansas City Chiefs fanbase considering he simply did not get along with head coach Dick Vermeil.

    Johnson's poor attitude resulted in several team suspensions, and he was ultimately released by the team in November of 2009.  

Donovan McNabb

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    Wherever Donovan McNabb goes, he's almost never a popular player with the fanbase.

    McNabb had his share of haters while a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings.

    The one that really bothers me is that so many Eagles fans hated him even though he did so much for that franchise. 

Ricky Williams

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    Ricky Williams wasn't really that popular with the Miami Dolphins at times, as he decided to quit football and disregard his massive contract for a little bit to smoke some pot—I'm not lying. 

    It was almost an early retirement for Williams, as he failed two drug tests, but he would later decide to return to the NFL, though he wasn't nearly as dominant as he was once before. 

Paul Palmer

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    Kansas City Chiefs fans simply did not like Paul Palmer—they hated him.

    The 19th overall pick in the 1987 draft, Palmer was a big time bust and even threatened to fumble the ball if things weren't going his way as a member of the Chiefs. 

Chris Johnson

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    If I were a fan of the Tennessee Titans, I would despise Chris Johnson.

    Why? Because he's self-centered and all about himself. All he cares about is CJ2K.

    Johnson sat out the entire training camp and preseason last season due to a contract dispute. When Johnson finally got his big contract, he simply did not produce at the high level that we all expected him to in 2011. 

Jay Cutler

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    This one really bothers me, as Jay Cutler isn't all that bad of a quarterback and isn't that much of a softie.

    Many Chicago Bears fans hate Cutler because of what he did in the AFC Championship a few years ago against the Green Bay Packers, when he left the game with a knee injury.

    Now what exactly was the injury? A sprained MCL.

    How could you blame a guy for having a sprained MCL?

Tim Tebow

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    Believe it or not, there are a lot of people in Denver who do not like Tim Tebow.

    Many may be sick of his vocalized religious beliefs or simply his out-of-the-norm style of play as an NFL quarterback.

    I, for one, say that I am his biggest fan. But just ask some of your friends who are Broncos fans—I bet half of them dislike Tebow. 

    They're just not feeling the Tebow magic. 

Tony Romo

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    At times, Tony Romo is incredibly disliked by the fans of the Dallas Cowboys.

    Time and time again, Romo finds a way to choke, and the Cowboys never are able to make a deep playoff run.

    I'm sure that there are tons of Cowboys fans out there who would love to see a change at the quarterback position in the near future. 

Ryan Leaf

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    Ryan Leaf is one of the biggest busts in NFL history, and every single San Diego Chargers fan hates him dearly.

    Leaf was the second overall pick in the 1998 draft—and was a complete and utter disaster. Leaf lasted just two seasons with the Chargers, posting a weak 4-17 record as a starter. 

Eli Manning

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    I can make two cases for Eli Manning being hated by his own fanbase.

    For starters, for the few moments that he was a San Diego Charger I can guarantee to you that everyone in that fanbase hated him, as he refused to play for them.

    Secondly, prior to winning two Super Bowls with the New York Giants, he had his fair share of critics in the city of New York. Now, I'd like to think that he's finally silenced those critics. 

Scott Sisson

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    The fans of the New England Patriots simply did not like kicker Scott Sisson. 

    Known as "Missin' Sisson," Sisson was a member for the Patriots for just one season and had the worst kicking percentage in the NFL in 1993. 

Terrell Owens

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    Doesn't it always seem like wherever Terrell Owens plays it never ends well?

    Whether it's with the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles or the Dallas Cowboys, whenever he left town, he didn't have too many friends to leave behind. 

Randy Moss

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    Much like Terrell Owens, whenever Randy Moss leaves town, it's hardly ever on good terms.

    It was like that with the New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings (both times), Oakland Raiders and the Tennessee Titans—where he possibly called a Tennessee Radio station and bashed head coach Jeff Fisher. 

Keyshawn Johnson

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    Much like Terrell Owens and Randy Moss, Keyshawn Johnson is just another diva wide receiver who never left town on good terms.

    I think that it's safe to say that in all of the places that Keyshawn played, he had his share of haters. 

Martin Gramatica

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    Kicker Martin Gramatica always seems to fail wherever he goes. 

    Gramatica played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Indianapolis Colts, New Orleans Saints and the Dallas Cowboys, and I can guarantee to you that all of those fanbases really don't like him—not just because of his poor performances but for his over-the-top celebrations. 

Jerramy Stevens

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    Tight end Jerramy Stevens is not only hated by the Seattle Seahawks and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fanbases—but by the entire world.

    Stevens is just not a very nice person, as he's had his share of legal troubles. We have seen Stevens being arrested for sexual assault, assault, DUIs and reckless driving. 

Barret Robbins

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    Barret Robbins really hurt the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII, as he disappeared prior to the big game and didn't return until kickoff, resulting in him being left off of the active roster.

    Robbins was Oakland's starting center and is one of the many reasons why the Raiders lost against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

    Apparently, Robbins suffered from depression and did not take his medication, as well as having several legal troubles that involved violence. 

Tony Mandarich

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    Tony Mandarich is one of the biggest NFL draft busts in history.

    Mandarich was the second overall pick in the 1989 draft, as he was one of the strongest and simply most freakishly talented offensive linemen that we have ever seen, but he fell flat on his face with the Green Bay Packers.

    Mandarich was a steroid user and had a poor work ethic.

    Taking a look back, the Packers could have drafted guys like Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas and Deion Sanders. 

Rae Carruth

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    Rae Carruth is just a piece of garbage. Everyone in the world needs to hate this man, not just the Carolina Panthers.

    Carruth is serving 18-24 years in prison, as he was involved in a drive-by shooting of his girlfriend—who happened to be eight months pregnant with his child. 

Charles Rogers

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    Charles Rogers was never the impact player that we expected him to be with the Detroit Lions.

    The second overall pick in the 2003 draft, we all thought that Rogers was going to be the next great wide receiver, but he was a pothead and a pill-popper, as well as being frequently injured. 

John Elway

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    Just for those moments that John Elway was a part of the Baltimore Colts, all Colts fans need to hate him.

    Elway was the first overall pick in the 1983 NFL draft but refused to play for the Colts. He then forced a trade to the Denver Broncos.

    So what happened here? The Colts missed out on one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. 

David Boston

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    David Boston was a huge mistake by the San Diego Chargers.

    After an epic season with the Arizona Cardinals in 2002, he was given a massive contract by the Chargers.

    Boston simply did not perform with the Chargers, as he played in just one season with San Diego and  caught 70 passes and seven touchdowns while being a cancer in the locker room. 

Jim Brown

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    Taking a look back, I'd have to say that Jim Brown was pretty irritating, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were some Cleveland Browns fans who really hate the guy.

    But why is that? He is one of the greatest players in NFL history.

    Well, it always seemed like he wanted to be in the spotlight. And that spotlight was all about him, not the Cleveland Browns. 

Brandon Meriweather

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    When Brandon Meriweather was a member of the New England Patriots, he simply was not a well-liked guy.

    Meriweather never really got "it" when he was a Patriot. He was a huge waste of talent and never really matured as an NFL defensive back, as he had difficultly reading opposing offenses. 

Reggie Bush

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    Reggie Bush was such an incredible player at the college level and was easily one of the most impressive running back that I have ever seen—but he never really did that with the New Orleans Saints.

    Bush was the No. 2 pick in the 2006 NFL draft but managed to play only one full season with the Saints and never really played at an elite, every-down-running back level. 

Tiki Barber

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    Let's be honest, if you're a New York Giants fan, then you're probably really sick of Tiki Barber's antics. 

    Barber has stated several times that he wants to come out of retirement, but he simply doesn't understand that no one in the NFL wants him. 

Billy Cundiff

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    Hey, Baltimore Ravens fans, remember the time when Billy Cundiff missed the game-tying field goal in the AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots?

    Yeah, good times. 

Kyle Williams

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    Do I feel bad for Kyle Williams? Yes. I actually do.

    Williams coughed up two key fumbles in the NFC Championship game this past season and those were two key factors in the San Francisco 49ers losing the game.

    49ers fans were so upset that Williams received some pretty disgusting and disturbing death threats

Braylon Edwards

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    If you're a Cleveland Browns fan, you have to hate Braylon Edwards. If you don't, then you're not a fan of that team.

    Edwards really never wanted to be a member of the Browns and ultimately forced his way out of town when the New York Jets traded for him in 2009. 

Quincy Carter

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    All Dallas Cowboys fans have to hate Quincy Carter. It needs to be a rule.

    Carter was drafted in the second round of the 2001 NFL draft, as Jerry Jones figured he'd be the next great quarterback.

    Not so fast.

    Bill Parcells finally named Carter the starter in 2003 and he simply did not perform well at all. Carter finished the season with a 71.4 quarterback rating as was released by the team in the following offseason. 

Mark Sanchez

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    I may be in the minority when I say this but I really do like Mark Sanchez, and I actually believe in him—New York Jets fans probably tend to disagree. 

    Many of Sanchez's critics believe that he's the reason why the Jets can't win the Super Bowl due to his poor play—but I like to blame it on the coaching staff, more specifically Brian Schottenheimer. 

Cornelius Bennett

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    Indianapolis Colts fans hated Cornelius Bennett.

    Bennett was the second overall pick in the 1987 NFL draft but refused to play for the Colts as he held out for more money.

    The Colts then shipped Bennett away to the Buffalo Bills and was simply a waste of a pick for Indy. 

Jeremy Shockey

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    I can assure to you that Jeremy Shockey isn't welcome in the city of New York.

    Why? Because he was such a disappointment for the New York Giants, as he was always injured and never panned out to the elite tight end that we always thought he would be. 

Kelly Stouffer

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    Kelly Stouffer was the sixth overall pick in the 1987 NFL draft by the St. Louis Cardinals, but he wanted far too much money. In fact, Stouffer held out for the entire season, which ultimately forced a trade to the Seattle Seahawks.

    Now, what happened there? For a lack of a better term, he flat-out sucked as he posted a pitiful 54.5 quarterback rating while winning just five of his 16 starts.

Plaxico Burress

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    Plaxico Burress is far from being popular with the New York Giants' fanbase. He really screwed the entire franchise with his poor decision one November night in 2008 at a New York City nightclub.

    If you don't recall, Burress was arrested for carrying an unlicensed loaded gun into a nightclub and ultimately shot himself in the leg.

    Burress never played another down in a Giants uniform.  

Akili Smith

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    Akili Smith was a major disappointment to the fanbase of the Cincinnati Bengals. 

    Smith was brought in to be the quarterback of the future, as he was the third overall pick in the 1999 NFL draft—but he failed miserably.

    Smith lasted just four seasons with the Bengals, posting a 3-14 record as a starter. 

Michael Irvin

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    Michael Irvin is just another one of those typical prima donna wide receivers who at no one really likes.

    Irvin may be one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history, but I can promise you that there are people in Dallas who were not fans of Irvin's antics as a player. 

Deion Sanders

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    Deion Sanders was just so ignorant that no one really liked him. Quite frankly, everyone got sick of him real fast.

    Granted, he was one of the greatest players in NFL history, but so many fanbases got irritated over the years from his blatant cockiness. 

Jim McMahon

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    Jim McMahon was quite the character during his days as the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears.

    McMahon may have won a Super Bowl, but all of the credit needs to go to Walter Payton and the team's suffocating defense.

    McMahon clashed all the time with head coach Mike Ditka, and he was simply known as "the punky QB known as McMahon." 

Bill Romanowski

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    If you like players who got into fights with their own teammates, then Bill Romanowski is right up your alley.

    Romanowski is one of the most physical linebackers to ever play the game, but he simply ticked off so many people over the course of his career—including fans of his own team. 

Peyton Hillis

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    Peyton Hillis had one good season with the Cleveland Browns—which evidently made him think he was God.

    Hillis had an incredible 2010 season, which awarded him to be on the cover of Madden 12—but how did that work out? Well the "Madden Curse" really effected Hillis.

    Hillis was absolutely pitiful this past season with the Browns, as he simply could not stay healthy. 

Shawne Merriman

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    When Shawne Merriman was a member of the San Diego Chargers, he was one of the best pass-rushers that the NFL had to offer—that is until it came out that he was a steroid user. 

    With that being said, he wasn't too popular with the Chargers fanbase following the report, which made him nothing short of a cheater. 

Rex Grossman

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    Whenever Rex Grossman starts a game for an NFL team, that fanbase is immediately going to hate him.

    Why? Because he is actually the worst starting quarterback that I have ever seen. 

    Grossman is so bad that he enters 2012 with a career 71.4 quarterback rating while completing just 55.2 percent of his passes. 

Michael Vick

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    I am shocked that there are some people in the city of Atlanta who are still fans of Michael Vick.

    Do they not realize what he did to that city and the Atlanta Falcons franchise?

    The Falcons invested so much money in him but he returned the favor by making some awful and disturbing decisions which cost him a lot of money—as well as costing the Falcons any hope of making the playoffs in the upcoming seasons. 

Eric Dickerson

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    Eric Dickerson may be one of the greatest running backs to ever play the game, but he didn't leave the Los Angeles Rams on very good terms. 

    Dickerson and the Rams had an ongoing contract dispute entering the 1985 season, which ultimately led to Dickerson forcing a trade to the Indianapolis Colts in the 1987 season. 

Adam "Pacman" Jones

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    Wherever Adam "Pacman" Jones stepped foot, he was always hated—that's a given.

    All of the fans of the teams that he played for over the course of his career hated him due to his poor decision making and him never living up to the high expectations, given he was so talented. 

Albert Haynesworth

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    Wherever Albert Haynesworth goes, he's going to have haters.

    Why? Because he's such a waste of talent and simply wont produce to the highest of his capabilities—and it all started when he signed that massive $100 million contract with the Washington Redskins.

    Haynesworth just isn't a likable guy.