Supporting Tim Tebow, Peyton Manning Picks a Home: BR5 3/20

BR5Daily ShowMarch 20, 2012

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Today's episode of BR5 gets you up-to-date on everything from Peyton's destination to Brooklynized water.

With the pending signing of veteran Peyton Manning by the Denver Broncos, the status of young Tim Tebow is now in question.  Will the Broncos try to trade Tebow, serve him as backup to Manning, or have him compete for the starting job?  One thing is for sure, Tebow's sponsor "Jockey" is supporting him.

Speaking of free agent signings, with Manning going to the Broncos, many teams are left without a starting QB.  Teams like San Francisco and Tennessee have already started damage control.  When will the quarterback carousel come to a stop?

Charles Barkley is one of the only people on earth who can say whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Sir Charles told the audience what was on his dirty mind as TNT Studio Host Ernie Johnson read an ad for "Hardcore Pawn."

Next season, fans of the Brooklyn Nets will be able to drink “Brooklynized” water while watching the team play. According to New York Magazine, the Original Brooklyn Water Bottling Company has developed a secret filtration system that can “Brooklynize” water.

Syracuse star hoopster Scoop Jardine seems to be loved by all Orange fans, particularly young Shane Oliver of Mattydale. Shane's mom Aubrey Barone shot a video of Shane reacting to the news that Scoop will be graduating and moving on from Syracuse. Scoop heard about Shane and decided to come hang out with him for his fourth birthday. 

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