WWE Raw Supershow Recap: What We Learned from Monday Night's Show

Tyler LutzContributor IIIMarch 20, 2012

Tonight’s episode of Raw was intriguing on many different levels, and at this point, you may be feeling very confused, like tonight’s episode didn’t really mean much for the sake of WrestleMania 28.  I see it differently.  The reality is that many questions were answered tonight in Philadelphia, and many motives were established.  Here’s what we learned:


1. Chris Jericho has not lost his touch.

We all know that CM Punk is very demonstrative when he picks up a microphone, and his talents are matched by very few in the WWE today. 

When Chris Jericho first returned to wrestling a few months ago, his apparent “stage fright” had many fans wondering whether he still packed the verbal punch that he once did. 

Tonight, Jericho showed us two things: He showed us that he is still capable of getting fans to lend him an ear while at the same time causing them to increase their hate for him tenfold. 

He also showed us that when he targets a superstar and goes after his emotions, he can still generate a reaction (which is pretty impressive, considering I’ve never seen CM Punk lose his cool).  Well done, Jericho, but expect a straight-edge retaliation very soon.


2. Super Cena is Super Strong, but so is The Rock.

Poor Mark Henry.  Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  If you are looking to get put over and want to show how deserving you are of another World Heavyweight Championship run, who should you challenge to a match? 

Here’s a hint: NOT John Cena two weeks before his WrestleMania showdown with The Rock. 

Cena showed tremendous strength and power when he lifted a 400+ pound Henry onto his shoulders and adjusted his attitude. 

As promised earlier in the show, The Rock delivered an unquestionable message to Cena when he ran to the ring and delivered a thundering Rock Bottom to the World’s Strongest Man right before the eyes of the Cenation leader. 

I have no doubt that Cena will be well-prepared for what The Rock will bring at WrestleMania, and he has been delivering some stinging blows to The Great One on the mic, but tonight, Cena looked like a deer in headlights.

3. The Undertaker knows how to play “The Game.”

Triple H has always had an uncanny ability to get inside the minds of his opponents, hence the nickname “cerebral assassin.”  When you center the crosshairs of your scope on the thoughts of a superstar, however, you better make sure that when you pull the trigger, you don’t miss. 

Triple H locked on to the Undertaker’s mind tonight, pulled the trigger, and missed.  When you try to play mind games with The Deadman, you’re asking for trouble. 

The Undertaker has always been good at stirring the thoughts of his opponents, causing them to second-guess themselves and mentally destruct before he deals out any real physical punishment. 

When Undertaker told Triple H that Michaels was better than he was, that took the wind out of Triple H’s sails for the night.  If he dwells on Undertaker’s comment for very long, the third time will not be a charm for The Game at WrestleMania 28.

Monday's show left me wanting more from all parties involved, and with only one more episode of RAW remaining before WrestleMania 28, I cannot wait to see how these feuds play out on the biggest stage in wrestling. 

What are your thoughts, Bleachers?


Tyler Lutz is a contributor to Bleacher Report for all things WWE.  You can follow him on Twitter at: @TheRealLutz