What Is a 5 Star Match? WWF, WWE, ECW, WCW, TNA

Blue ChipCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

When I think of a five star match, I think of the best matches I have ever seen. Not a top ten list, not what someone else thinks is a "five star match." This is an article for the rest of us who also enjoy wrestling.

To get started, I think one of the best matches was the match at the tournament for the Undisputed Title. That match had variety, so much suspense, an incredibly surprising ending.

I think it was always a great match when Stone Cold and The Rock were in the same ring. With Jericho, (who is always gonna be my favorite) in the mix, that had the superstar ingredients. The in ring performance was nothing but a full delivery.

Another was the first "ultimate X" match ever. The company was still finding its bearings, trying to do something new. This match was all of TNA management trying to do something revolutionary.

This concept match came out of nowhere and was amazing to watch. Even though Chris Sabin lost, he was clearly the star of the match. This fruition of Don West, imagination, was amazingly unsafe and unpredictable.

The best thing was the willingness of the wrestlers to go so far and risk so much. This was purely because TNA was trying to gain footing, the wrestlers were incredibly hungry to make that impact.

An ECW match that stuck out in my mind, was also deemed one of "ECW's most violent matches." This was the match between the Rotten brothers. We saw the first ever, " Taipei death match."

This was where each opponent taped up their fists. They would then dip their hands in glue, then into broken glass. This was an idea that sounded as bad as it was.

The brothers worked around the entire arena and left a bloody mess of each other. This was an incredibly disturbing reminder of how little we have changed since the Romans watching gladiators.

A WCW match that I thought was an amazing one, was Mos. Def. the first ever, WAR GAMES MATCH! This was the brainchild of Dusty Rhodes. It was an amazingly ridiculous idea, in that it was such a reach to do "something new." This worked!

The match had mediocre wrestlers, the best of which were the Road Warriors. The amazing thing about this match was not the talent. This match was purely spectacle and brutality!

A great WWF match, perhaps by my opinion only, would be the "Inferno Match!" That match was such a spectacle. This match had a great meeting of the Undertaker and Kane, who carried on a great rivalry. Flames everywhere! Kane on fire! On fire!

This match had the sounds of the gas when an impact would spike the flames. This match had the heat! Everyone at ringside, the fans, the announcers, and especially the wrestlers were hot as HELL!

The smell of the superstars, when in flames was talked about by many fans, the smell of hair, talked about by commentators! Everything except for taste, this match hit 4 out of 5 senses.

One of my favorites, and still to this day remains, the Elimination Chamber!!! This was an amazingly revolutionary idea by Eric Bischoff. The suspense of the first one, just hearing how it was built, the lengths of chain, the glass, the size was sooooo cool!

The appearance of this circus tent, shaped hell hole, delivered everything it promised. Talent, (amazing talent) has always been a part of these matches. Jericho, Angle, HHH, Goldberg, RVD...The first match we saw glass break, we saw blood from friction with the chains. We even saw wrestlers on top of the pods and jumping onto each other, More painful was the steel grating at the bottom!

Now there are the classics, that almost everyone can agree on. The first is most definitely the Hell in the Cell with Undertaker vs. Mankind. The next, The first ever boiler room match.

Next we have the barbed wire matches. Just about all of the replacement of ropes, with the barbed wire (rather than placing the wire over the ropes) has always been great. The first ever TLC match!

The tables were a gimmick of the Dudley boys. The ladders were the specialty weapon of the Hardy's. Then there were the chairs, which were the E&C thing. putting a ladder on top of an area with tables beneath, then hitting the opponent off of the ladder with a chair, through the tables...that's just...well..amazing! 

 I am sure there are plenty more great classics. I am also sure I haven't nailed them all. I am also sure you can add a few. I am also sure I have reached "the suggested" amount of sentences in a paragraph when writing an article.