WWE: Live House Shows Should Be Broadcast on the WWE Network When It Debuts

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2012

At the recent house show in New York City at Madison Square Garden last Friday night, the WWE put on a card that is worthy of being broadcast on Raw or SmackDown, as the fans in attendance saw the in-ring return of Zack Ryder and Triple H during the event.

With the somewhat over-stylized promos for the WWE Network claiming there will be live in-ring action on the channel, the WWE could feature certain bigger house shows on the network when their live tour comes to arenas that usually hold television or pay-per-view programs.

Along with Raw and SmackDown on Mondays and Fridays, the WWE Network could have live house shows on Saturday nights as a throwback to the days of when the WWE had Shotgun Saturday Nights, in addition to WCW Saturday Night in the 1990s.

With the lineup for the WWE Network being highlighted by the reality show Legend’s House, the addition of live house shows would help keep the channel afloat so the channel doesn’t go the way of the disastrous XFL in 2001.

For anyone who knows how house shows work with the WWE, the card usually remains the same for weeks on end. So that one fact might have to change with new matches for the special broadcasts on the WWE Network.

So Bleachers, what do you think about the WWE broadcasting certain bigger house shows on the WWE Network when the channel debuts later this year in November?

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