Milan Lucic and Mike Komisarek Fight Video: Watch Bruins LW Pummel Leafs D-Man

Nicholas GossCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2012

Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Mike Komisarek wanted to fight Boston Bruins winger Milan Lucic so badly during the first period of Monday night's game, that he even pushed the linesman out of the way to engage the Boston tough guy.

After being pummeled during the bout, Komisarek probably wishes that the linesman had been successful in keeping him away from the Bruins power forward.

Give the Leafs defenseman credit though, he hung in there with Lucic and didn't back down, as Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun pointed out via Twitter.

Komisarek took a pounding in that fight with Lucic but the guy hung in there. Give him that much.

— steve simmons (@simmonssteve) March 19, 2012

Lucic and Komisarek have had some quality bouts before, but the Bruins forward got the better of his opponent this time and used some devastating upper cuts to his advantage.

For someone who has battled injuries throughout the season, fighting someone as tough as Lucic was probably one of the worst things Komisarek could have done in Monday's game.


Nicholas Goss is a Boston Bruins Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report and was the organization's on-site reporter for the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals in Boston.