Kansas City Chiefs Coach Herm Edwards To Return Next Season?

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

Herm Edwards' future with the Chiefs, as you know, is in doubt. But don't automatically think he will be out come tomorrow morning.

Let's refer back to when Dayton Moore was hired as the Royals General Manager. He gave Buddy Bell half of the regular season to prove he deserved the job as manager. As you well know, Bell was fired during the season.

Don't be too surprised if Herm Edwards is still the head coach when the preseason comes around. But I think when the  2009 season comes to an end, we will be looking for a new head coach.

Yes, I know this pill is a tough one to swallow, but I think Scott Pioli will give Herm Edwards a fair shot—even with his 15-33 record as the head coach.

I think Scott Pioli needs to take a deep breath and look at the last season, and at the 2-14 record.

Herm needs out!

But, listening to Pioli's press conference, it sounds like Herm will get a shot to come back next year, even though I totally disagree.