Brayden Schenn a Possible Draft Target for Maple Leafs?

Roy SteevesContributor IJanuary 14, 2009

The Toronto Maple Leafs draft center Brayden Schenn—sounds crazy, right?  Why does Toronto need more centers?

With the success of family playing together on other NHL teams—the Niedermayers in Anaheim, Sedins in Vancouver, the Kostitsyns in Montreal—the Maple Leafs have the chance to gain the same "family chemistry."   The chemistry the Schenns have is undeniable and simply amazing.  For that reason, it may be worthwhile for the Maple Leafs to draft Brayden.

With Brian Burke at the helm in Toronto, he will build a big, strong, scoring-focused team.  Schenn is a big, strong center who plays a game similar to Mike Richards of the Philadelphia Flyers. This is exactly what Burke is looking for, and what the Maple Leafs need.   Schenn, at 17 years old, is 6'0" and 200 pounds.  He is strong on the puck and is developing a sound two-way game.

The big reason Toronto could use this young man is that he can put the puck in the net.  In 39 games this season, he has 18 goals (three game winners) and 27 assists for 45 points.  He is averaging 1.15 points per game thus far. 

Look for Brayden to join his brother Luke in the blue and white this spring.