Tim Tebow: Power Ranking the 5 Teams That Could Land QB

Andrew BaumannContributor IIIMarch 20, 2012

Tim Tebow: Power Ranking the 5 Teams That Could Land QB

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    Peyton Manning has officially signed with the Denver Broncos. As per rumors, the Bronco organization will now look to trade Tim Tebow away. 

    Tim Tebow is a very interesting player with a big fanbase. He's almost guaranteed to make a splash wherever he lands, whether that be good or bad. 

    I realize a lot of these teams might not be in the running to land Tebow; however, it is interesting to look at anyway. There are currently several teams in the NFL without a QB, especially those that were spurred after Manning's decision. 

    So, for the purposes of this article, I will rank what I believe to be the top five locations for the young star QB to go, in order from worst to best in terms of how much of a fit Tebow would be there and how likely he could win a Super Bowl there. 

Honorable Mentions

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    Arizona Cardinals 

    A good fit, but seem more built for a heavy passer than a run-first mobile QB like Tebow.


    Buffalo Bills

    Also a good fit, but they have a solid option in Ryan Fitzpatrick and probably won't want to give up a lot to get Tebow.


    Cleveland Browns

    Not a good fit at all, unless they draft a running back with their first-overall pick. 

    Any other team would likely have Tebow as the bench player, and is not worth mentioning for the purpose of the slide. 

5. Miami

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    The Miami Dolphins would be an interesting location for Tebow to end up.

    This list, though, ranks them dead last. For a man of Tebow's talents, there are many pluses to Miami. For one, he would have a great offensive line and a great underrated defense as well. 

    Since trading Brandon Marshall, Tebow will also be able to focus his talents toward a run-first option offense without a WR demanding for passes to be thrown this way. With the Marshall trade, the Dolphins also get a lot of fresh blood to possibly help Tebow along with his quest.

    However, a lot of a Tebow-lead Dolphin team would depend on the running back's success. If both Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas were able to combine for 1.5k rushing yards again, then Tebow would be able to thrive in Miami...if not for more hang-ups.

    For one, the Dolphins are currently worse at receiving then the Broncos are. Without any real talent to throw to, Tebow will not improve as a passer. Put this together with the fact that he'd have to play the dominating Brady-led Patriots, the crushing defense of the New York Jets and the upstart Buffalo Bills six times a year does not help his Super Bowl hopes. 

4. Tennessee

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    Now, for the record, if it wasn't for one player on the Titans squad, I wouldn't even have mentioned the Titans.

    Despite going 9-7, the Titans had the second-worst run game in the league, averaging barely 90 yards a game. They got by mostly by their passing attack, and this fit might not seem like it pays Tebow's bills.

    It does, and as I mentioned before, it is the only reason Tennessee has Chris Johnson. It has been two years since his breakout 2,000-yard season. Since then, he has declined magnificently, going from 1,300 yards last year to barely 1,000 yards this year.

    However, with Tebow at QB and a refocus on the run game through the option offense, CJ2K might be able to relive his magical 2009 campaign. 

    It all depends on Johnson. If Tebow can somehow bring CJ back to prominence (which he can do), then the Titans would be a scary squad.

    This is one of those big-reward, big-loss kind of situations. 

3. Jacksonville

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    This would be an exciting opportunity for Tebow to return to his childhood home of Jacksonville.

    And it would certainly work out for the Jaguars and Tebow.

    The Jaguars last year were the worst passing team in football, with 136 passing yards per game. They would not expect anything from Tebow passing-wise because the Jaguars are formally committed to the run game.

    And a scary run game it is. Powered by Maurice Jones-Drew, a Tebow/MJD combination would be downright scary for any team to face. Between Tebow's daunting frame and MJD's quickness, the Jaguars could easily power their way to the top of the AFC South.

2. Minnesota

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    By far, this is the scariest offensive option for Tebow to land.

    I have mentioned the starting running back of every team on this slide. Tebow's option offense is very powerful when paired with the right running back, and that is something teams should look into when pursuing Tebow: Can we surround him with an A+ running attack?

    Minnesota has that. The Vikings' Adrian Peterson is easily the best running back in the league today. Since his first season, Peterson has only missed the 1,000-yard mark once, and that was because of injuries last year. He has the third highest yards-per-game average in the history of the NFL with a 95.5 yards-per-game average.

    Pairing Peterson up with Tebow would be something dreams and nightmares are made of. Pair that with the Viking's great defense, and you have the workings of a super bowl team.

    The only reason the Vikings are not rated highest overall is because of their poor defense and the fact that they might play in the best conference in the NFL... besides them. Playing against Aaron Rodgers' Packers, Jay Cutler's Bears and Matt Stafford's Lions so much could not do anything to help the young QB. 

1. San Francisco

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    This would be the obvious choice, considering the 49ers were only one game away from a Super Bowl appearance last season. 

    And that's almost the whole story. However, one must remember that the 49ers got there with mediocre QB Alex Smith, and more because of their punishing defense combined with their effective run game.

    Now that the 49ers have alienated Smith with their Manning hunt, dropping into snag Tebow would be a brilliant. Tebow would not need to pass a lot and instead, could fall back into the option with the stellar running back Frank Gore. Plus, the 49ers have signed some good talent at WR, which could help Tebow develop as a passer.

    Not only that, Jim Harbaugh is a brilliant young coach who is familiar with Tebow from when they were both in college (Harbaugh as a coach of course).

    This would be the best location for Tebow to land.  


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