SB XLIII: Cardinals Shock Steelers 27-13

javier deandaCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

Feb 1, 2009 Tampa Bay, FL.

 In a game loyal Cardinals fans have waited since 1947, old mens' childhood dreams finally came true, Cards being down 13-0 at halftime, "the boss" came out singing "born to run" in a song that should've been titled born to fly.

Cardinals responded with Fitzgerald, the high flying outstanding receiver, was named MVP for having 3 tds—2 receiving and one on a failed onside kick by Pittsburgh, the other TD was scored by the cards RB Hightower who had 1 TD and 132 yards.

The iron curtain could not find a way to contain the explosive offense they were facing after halftime. The long braided Polamulu, who blocked Neil Rackers extra point in the third quarter,was quoted as saying "we had no solution, they beat us fair and square".

The former St. Louis Cardinals now residing in Phoenix celebrate their long overdue first Vince Lombardi Trophy.Now Phoenix fans can quit wearing Oakland Raiders jerseys and be proud of their hometown heroes.