Kane Humiliates Himself While Challenging Randy Orton to a Match at WrestleMania

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 19, 2012

The need for Randy Orton to end the career of Kane reached epic proportions this past Friday night during an incredibly humiliating promo delivered by the Big Red Machine.

The angle?

A relatively weak one, of course.

Orton demanded an explanation as to why Kane attacked him for no reason.

The explanation?

Kane being ashamed for being beaten down by Orton last summer and then shaking the victorious superstar's hand in defeat.

My tolerance has grown strong for poor WWE booking, so the weak storyline didn't alarm me nearly as much as Kane's appearance on Smackdown.

He answered Orton's call for an explanation by coming out dressed in the same ridiculous costume he's been wearing since his return. 

Kane should be humiliated by that alone, but there's more—much more unfortunately.

Orton's response to Kane's laughable explanation was to the point. 

[8:03] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UD2cksbtxM

"That was very enlightening. Thank you, thank you for that. Now shut your mouth, come down to this ring and let's just see if you can finish what you started." -Randy Orton

It was Kane's verbal response that set the angle over the top.

"Accttuuaallyy Randyy, slaughtering you right now would not satiate my craving for your sufferingg. Noo, noo. When I end youu, I want it to be on the biggest stage possible. I want your demise to happen at WrestleManiaaaa!" -Kane

Stressing the ends of each of one of his poorly-constructed sentences, Kane's performance was almost satirical.

Even the most devout of Kane's following would be hard-pressed to respect the integrity, construction and delivery of this poorly executed promo. Kane's performance was so embarrassing that I'd be reluctant to watch Smackdown with anyone who isn't a regular fan of professional wrestling.

Fatuity in its purest of forms perhaps.

The progression of this WrestleMania "filler" to the card only continues to emphasize the need for Orton to put an end to Kane's creative suffering.

At 44 years old, Kane has accomplished all that he's likely to ever accomplish in this business.

We'll look back on his recent "ressurection" as an embarrassing chapter in the career of a man who has regularly been a quality mid-card performer.

If Orton were to punish Kane's character by putting it down the same way he did other failed angles such as Legacy and the Nexus, perhaps this WrestleMania "filler" could become something more.

Otherwise the WWE risks utilizing their greatest performer's talents to lay waste to a wasted storyline that has been tailor-made to last the moment.

Orton can make history and WrestleMania.

Orton deserves to make history at WrestleMania.

Hopefully the WWE comes through and makes this more than just a boring, predictable, worthless "beat em' up" match.

Kane deserves to be punted out of his misery.

Randy Orton could be his remedy.


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