Tim Tebow: A Move to Buffalo Needs to Happen

Matthieu HertilusContributor IIIMarch 19, 2012

What to do with Tim Tebow?

Most quarterback quandaries have been or are in the process of being figured out already, so where does that leave the most polarizing quarterback of the last decade? Most pundits will campaign for Tebow going to Jacksonville, being that he is a legend in Florida; however, are you that quick to give up on Blaine Gabbert as the present and future of your franchise?

Imagine the psyche of Gabbert going into year two if the team were to bring in Tebow? What type of locker-room situation does that create with two young quarterbacks, who still have question marks surrounding them both? However, if there is ANY doubt about Gabbert, albeit from a very small sample size and a near impossible situation (an offensive line in disarray, the lack of quality weapons at receiver and a defense that couldn’t stop a nose bleed), you follow every other team in the league that was in the Peyton Manning race, and you go all in, but that's for the Jacksonville organization to decide.

Since there will be thousands of tweets, articles and talk show time devoted to a Tebow-to-Jacksonville scenario, here’s a curveball for you—what about Buffalo?

  • FACT: While Buffalo fans are loyal to the Bills, aside from a few games in London, the Bills haven’t registered a blip on anyone’s radar since the Music City Miracle[1] and they, as much as any franchise could use a face to market.


  • FACT: Since mid-way last season, the Ryan Fitzpatrick bandwagon has gotten noticeably lighter, and if they have a chance to bring in a young quarterback who can compete for the starting job, it could, if nothing else, motivate Fitzpatrick to play up to the $59 million contract extension he signed last year.


  • FACT: They have some talented offensive weapons that would be attractive for a young quarterback—newly signed Stevie Johnson, returning from injury RB Fred Jackson and poor man’s Darren Sproles RB CJ Spiller. It might be a stretch to call Spiller a poor man's version of Sproles; however, he did take some strides last year, and considering Tebow's style, more opportunities could be opened up for Spiller to have a breakout year.


  • FACT: They are switching from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3 alignment. This requires an overhaul on defense to make sure they have personnel that will fit the scheme, meaning that it will take more than Mario Williams to fix the defense


Eliminating the teams with franchise quarterbacks—New Orleans, New England, New York (Giants), Pittsburgh, San Diego, Green Bay

...teams with young quarterbacks (one or two years in the league): Cincinnati, Carolina, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Minnesota, St.Louis, Tampa Bay, Detroit

...teams with newly signed/acquired quarterbacks (one year or less): Seattle, Oakland

...teams with veteran quarterbacks who have proven to be quality starters: Baltimore, Atlanta, Dallas, PhiladelphiaHouston, Chicago

...teams who are about to draft a quarterback with he first or second pick: Washington, Indianapolis

...teams who just committed to their incumbent: New York (Jets), Arizona

That still leaves Cleveland, Kansas City, and Miami

Miami is the sleeper if they don't get Alex Smith, or if new offensive coordinator Mike Sherman doesn't campaign for his old quarterback, Ryan Tannehill. Tebow would still be welcomed with open arms back to the state of Florida; however, given that they just traded their biggest offensive weapon in Brandon Marshall, they have a worse infrastructure in place (from an offensive standpoint) than Buffalo. Cleveland is the worst of them all, so no quarterback will save them unless they find a running game and some receivers.

Kansas City GM, Scott Pioli, who comes from the Belichick management tree, may be reticent to give up a third- or fourth-round draft-pick for Tebow, when draft picks are as good as gold to guys like Pioli and Belichick.

While Cleveland, Kansas City and Miami seem to be the most viable options for Tebow, given their situations at quarterback, Buffalo is the franchise, argued here, that needs Tebow the most. Tebow needs a town, and ownership, that wants him. He could fade into obscurity in Buffalo or help that franchise rise from the ashes. Either way, if nothing else, there would be a lot more attention on Buffalo if Tebow were to arrive

[1] Can this qualify as one of the single most damaging losses for a professional sports team in history? The Bills haven’t been in any relevant football conversation since that loss. Seriously, think about.