Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow Can Show Humility by Keeping Mania in Mile High

Jimmy GrapponeCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2012

Tim Tebow's time may be up with the Broncos unless he and the Broncos agree to a role.
Tim Tebow's time may be up with the Broncos unless he and the Broncos agree to a role.Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Peyton Manning officially got the NFL's free agency season underway this afternoon when he reportedly instructed his agent to begin contract negotiations with the Denver Broncos.

It is being widely reported that Manning, who was released by the Indianapolis Colts to presumably make room for Andrew Luck next season, rejected offers from the San Francisco 49ers and the Tennessee Titans to become the Denver Broncos' next starting quarterback.

Now the question on every Denver Broncos fan's mind is: What will they do with Tim Tebow?


Tebow Mania Has Left the Building

Most fans and analysts have Tebow hitting the trading block almost immediately.

Possible destinations for America's most popular athlete include the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots.

Tebow is already a folk hero in Jacksonville and a Florida football legend. Tebow-Mania would not skip a beat if the mobile left-handed quarterback is traded to northern Florida to join Maurice Jones-Drew in the Jaguars' backfield.

Philadelphia could use Tebow as a durable backup for the oft-injured Michael Vick. Eagles' head coach, Andy Reid, is a proven quarterback guru who could nurture Tebow into a solid starting quarterback and Vick's successor in three to five seasons.

New England could be Tebow's most likely destination, where he would be reunited with the man who drafted him with Denver's second pick (25th overall) in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft: Patriots' offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.


Or Has It?

The thing about Tebow the football player—not Tebow the rock star, Tebow the prophet or Tebow the quarterback—is that he is a really good football player.

Tebow has a unique skill set that could make him one of the most dynamic and versatile players in the league. He's a hybrid running and passing back who can line up anywhere on the field, keeping defenses off balance until the snap.

Tebow runs like an NFL back, he passes like an above average college quarterback and he can catch the ball. The Broncos could also line him up at both the tight end and slot positions.

John Elway and John Fox may have just picked up Denver's second Hall of Fame quarterback. If they keep Tebow in the mix, he could become the Broncos' version of Dallas Clark with the bonus of having two passers on the field at the same time.

Finally, if Tebow really wants to become a great NFL quarterback, there is no better mentor for No. 15 to play behind and beside than the best quarterback of the past 20 years and potentially the G.O.A.T. before he retires, Peyton Manning.


Team Player

In the end, Tebow wants to win and he wants to be the best player possible for his football team.

Tebow has said repeatedly that he wants to play quarterback in the NFL and that he will work as hard as he can to fix his mechanics, to make better decisions and to become a great professional signal caller.

However, it will take the skill that Tebow is most coveted for by his legion of fans in order to make the position change that could ultimately change the trajectory of his career, perhaps for the best.

That skill is humility. If the Broncos and Tebow play their cards right, we will soon find out if he comes up aces in that category or if he has been bluffing all along.