Peyton Manning to Denver: What's Next for Tim Tebow?

TIM LOLContributor IIIMarch 19, 2012

Where will Tebow end up if he gets traded?
Where will Tebow end up if he gets traded?Jim Rogash/Getty Images

UPDATE: Jaguars and Jets are likely suitors

What does this mean for Tim Tebow? There have been various reports from around the league that Tebow is likely to be sent to another team.

Teams that would likely be interested include Cleveland, San Francisco (if Alex Smith does not return), Jacksonville and even New England, as a rumor from ESPN's Louise Cornetta suggested.

After leading the Broncos to the playoffs in his rookie season, Tebow will be a hot prospect that is sure to find a destination before the season begins. Some teams might even pencil him in as their starter. Maybe he'll play backup for a few more years before he gets another shot.

There are a few teams that would likely offer a lot to grab Tebow. Denver needs more deep-threat receivers to help Manning out, and everything might just fall into place.

Tebowmania might continue next season. But probably not in Denver.