Robert Griffin III Should Be a Better Rookie Than Michael Vick Was

James WilliamsAnalyst IIIMarch 19, 2012

RG3 has the skills to be a better rookie than Michael Vick
RG3 has the skills to be a better rookie than Michael VickJeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

It is six in the morning in the Manhattan studios of Sirius-XM NFL Radio, and Ross Tucker is sitting in his chair as the host of The Morning Kickoff as well as The Morning Drive. The lines are full, and Tucker is ready to talk about free agency and the draft.

Tucker spent seven years in the NFL as an offensive lineman that included two stints with the Redskins in 2001 and again in 2007—what is going on in Washington is of great interest to him.

We talked about his observations of what he has seen thus far.

Let’s start with the trade to get the Rams' No. 2 draft pick likely to be Robert Griffin III.

Tucker said:

"For me there are two franchise quarterbacks in this draft, Stanford’s Andrew Luck and of course Baylor’s Robert Griffin III. If the Redskins get him with the second overall pick in the draft then Washington will have their first franchise quarterback since Joe Theismann.

It was a bold move by the Redskins to make the trade with the Rams but I think that General Manager Bruce Allen and Coach Mike Shanahan did the right thing. Griffin III is smart, athletic, and comes without any baggage. I talked to a number of scouts who saw him at the NFL combine and his grades were all above average.

What impressed me was that after his first three games at Baylor this year he had more touchdown passes than incompletitions   and that is just a sick stat."     

Did the fans want Peyton Manning or RG3?


"Well the move to get Griffin III was wise because almost three to one of the calls we are getting from fans indicated they wanted RG3 over Peyton Manning. Look coach Shanahan knows how to handle young quarterbacks and those three draft choices will be long forgotten once he gets a chance to work with Griffin III. All you really need to know is Griffin III is faster, more athletic, taller and is smarter than Michael Vick was when he entered the NFL. Vick had an instant impact on an Atlanta team that was about in the same situation that the Redskins are now."

How about the free agent moves thus far?


"They have spent wisely thus far by picking up guys like Pierre Garcon and Joshua Morgan. They have guys with speed, very good hands and both are still young. I am sure they will add some offensive linemen. We are seeing them spending more wisely than in the past and that is a good sign for the future of the franchise."     

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