Sean Sherk: 5 Potential UFC Return Fights for the Veteran

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistMarch 19, 2012

Sean Sherk: 5 Potential UFC Return Fights for the Veteran

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    After being plagued with injury for much of his more recent career, Sean Sherk seems to be on track to making a return to the UFC. A former champion whose legacy was tarnished due to steroid use, Sherk looks to make a return to the Octagon soon and has his sights on top talent.

    Sherk has always been a talented fighter, using a great wrestling base in combination with solid boxing, great cardio and superior strength. Sherk returns to the most talent-laden division, lightweight, and looks to make a run at the belt.

    Here are five opponents that Sherk could meet in his return.

Joe Lauzon

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    Being a wrestler, Sherk knows how to stifle opponents with his overwhelming top game. That being said, a guy with a submission skill set like Joe Lauzon makes for an interesting matchup with "The Muscle Shark."

    Sherk has excellent wrestling and boxing. Lauzon has a similar, yet different skill set as he is good at boxing, but more of a submission, jiu-jitsu based fighter.

    Lauzon is taller and has longer arms, so the boxing portion of the fight would be very interesting. Sherk is more powerful and has the ability to take Lauzon to the mat easily. But that is no picnic as Lauzon is dangerous off his back.

    This could be a good test for Sherk in his long awaited return.

Clay Guida

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    Although Clay Guida was just announced in a bout with Gray Maynard, this has been a matchup that I have waited for much too long.

    Both men are cardio machines with great wrestling. The wrestling may cancel out, leading to an entertaining stand-up war.

    Guida has a chin of granite, Sherk hits like a truck and Guida's movement is great. This is the recipe for an interesting chess match that could turn into a barn burner.

    No matter the outcome of the fight, we all win.

Matt Hughes

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    If there was a rematch that would draw some attention, this one might be a top nominee. Although this would take place in the welterweight division, Sherk would not have to make a hard weight cut.

    The first fight between the two was a fast-paced, entertaining affair. Although Hughes eventually walked away with the win and the championship belt, Sherk looked very good in the fight.

    Both are definitely past their primes. Hughes is looking to go out with a win and this fight with Sherk presents an interesting style matchup. Sherk needs some type of warm-up bout before jumping into the octagon with non-rusty, top lightweights.

    Two UFC legends would definitely draw fans.

Evan Dunham

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    This is the rematch that definitely needs to happen.

    In their first encounter at UFC 119, Evan Dunham seemed to have done enough to earn a decision victory. Instead, he controversially dropped a split decision to Sherk, causing much outrage among fans and Dana White himself.

    Dunham is a young, talented lightweight who is a tough out for anybody. Sherk is an old, wily veteran that has the ability to push the youngster into a tough fight.

    This is a fight fans have been dying to see, so why not give it to them?

Kenny Florian

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    They met for the lightweight strap earlier in both of their careers, this is another rematch that makes sense in my mind.

    An in-his-prime Sean Sherk easily defeated a game, inexperienced Kenny Florian who was yet to hit his prime. Call Florian a choke artist all you want, but he simply lost to the better fighter in his championship endeavors.

    Florian, like Lauzon, has good stand up and great grappling skills that could cause problems for Sherk. Sherk has the wrestling to stifle many jiu-jitsu artists.

    That's a good style match up if you ask me.